Comments from readers on ‘A Naval Life’

I finished reading your book this morning which gave me great pleasure. Not only because your style is very readable, but also because I learned so much about the Royal Navy and the climate of thinking in Britain in that interval of history between Nelson and the times of World War Two.
Mr W. Gillison, FRCS

I have just finished A Naval Life and cannot wait to tell you how much I enjoyed it and admire the depth of your research in secondary sources. I feel I really know John Marx as a result of your hard work and and have an understanding of, and sympathy with his strengths and weaknesses.
P. Lucas, Historian

I have just finished ‘Marx’ and am full of admiration for your researching skills in putting the story together. What an extraordinary man ! ·I found it all most readable and am glad, on balance, that I served when I did and not in the Marx era.
Captain William Canning, DSO, MBE, Captain of Broadsword during the Falklands campaign

I found it captivating. It is amazing that you have managed to make a subject that I would never have automatically been drawn to, riveting!
Dr Julie Richardson, MBE, JP

The academic interest of Marx’s narrative is indisputable – I have read a lot of naval memoirs from many eras and few seem as candid….
Robert Gardiner, Chatham Publishing

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