Contents for ‘A Naval Life’

Chapter One: Childhood ‘…the noble boy…’ (1852-1865)
Chapter Two: The Training Ship (1866-1867)
‘I wish someone would kick up a row about it…’
Chapter Three: Junior Middy (1867-1870)
‘I hope just to manage…’
Chapter Four: Senior Midshipman (1870-1873)
‘…that damned b-t-l.’
Chapter Five: Sub Lieutenant to Lieutenant (1872-1875)
‘I would as lief jump overboard…’
Chapter Six: Second Lieutenant (1875-1880)
‘…loafing about holds and orlops…’
Chapter Seven: First Lieutenant (1880-1883)
‘I am uncommonly sorry to part with them…’
Chapter Eight: Voluntary Courses, Torpedo Training and Gunnery (1883)
‘I do not think much of them…’
Chapter Nine: Lieutenant and Commanding Officer (1883-1887)
‘Hoisted my pendant, what a rum thing to do!’
Chapter Ten: Commander (1888-1895)
‘Come as soon as you can, we are in a mighty tight place…’
Chapter Eleven: Captain (1895-1906)
‘I consider your advance for Mwhele…most ill advised…’
Chapter Twelve: New Navy Captain (1901-1906)
‘… wants practice handling ship and fleet…’
Chapter Thirteen: From Admiral to Captain (1914-1917)
Auxiliary Patrol
Chapter Fourteen: Captain of a Q Ship – August 1916 to September 1917
‘… at last we get one…’
Chapter Fifteen: Convoy Admiral – December 1917 to June 1918
‘…not a bad record considering what brutes they are…’
Chapter Sixteen: Retirement
‘A Truly Grand Old Man’
Epilogue: Admiral Dugout

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