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Some years ago, when I wrote my thesis on the Victorian and Edwardian Navy, I wrote a chapter concerning nomination and patronage. On a web site like this, which is concerned with hitherto unpublished memoirs and articles about Victorian Naval officers, readers may find a part of the chapter a useful introduction to the sociological and genealogical background of Victorian officers. It also serves as an introduction to the Nomination Database which is available at the end of the article.

Nomination and Patronage

Before an aspiring Cadet join the Royal Navy, he had to obtain a nomination. In order to obtain a nomination he had to establish himself as a ‘gentleman’. A nomination was a guarantee of gentlemanly status.

The process of nomination in the Old Navy was, generally speaking, that regulated and standardised by Admiralty in 1857. Every Flag Officer, on appointment, might make two nominations of Cadets of his choice, every Captain on commissioning a ship might make one. No nominations were to be allowed on commissioning the Excellent, Victorian and Albert, Steam Guard Ships,Training Ships or Coastguard Ships. Commodores of the First Class, when not Commanders in Chief, were to be allowed one nomination. Throughout the Old Navy Admiralty were continually trying to obtain control of entry themselves and to regulate numbers. To this end , by the time of the New Navy, Admiralty had managed to curtail some of the freedom given to senior officers in the matter of nomination. By 1898 all nominations of candidates were made by the First Lord with the exception of ‘a limited number’ which were ‘at the disposal of individual members of the Board ‘. A Captain was only permitted to nominate a candidate once during the time he held the rank of Captain. Limited examination competition was also introduced in 1870 in an effort to control quality of entrants and numbers. Nominations were made three times a year after the examination results were made known by the Civil Service Comissioners. Six Cadetships were given annually to sons of gentlemen in the Colonies on the recommendation of the Secretary of State for the Colonies. Seven Service Cadetships were also given annually. Recipients of these were selected by the Board of Admiralty from ‘sons of officers of the Army,Navy or Marines who have been killed in action , or lost at sea on active service , or killed on duty , or who have died of wounds received in action or injuries received on duty within six months of the date of such action or injury’ . Of the seven service Cadetships, three were to be offered to sons whose fathers had given distinguished naval service or who had been on the Active list not lower than the rank of Commander. One ‘young gentleman ‘was appointed annually from the training ships Conway and Worcester ,so long as the nominee passed the preliminary entrance examination. and in addition the Naval School at New Cross had four annual nominations and Christ’s Hospital appears to have had at least one.

The patronage system of the nineteenth century paid scant attention to the qualifications of prospective candidates until the turn of the century. Patronage or ?interest? was vested essentially in the hands of Admiralty/Government via the First Lord who held about two thirds of the nominations. It was the political and social system in operation at the height of the Old Navy and which Admiral Ryder so inveighed against in 1871, that ‘vicious system of nomination by my Lords’, that ‘political patronage which it unavoidably became ‘ and which he hoped the Royal Navy would soon’ sweep away.’ However, even with the advent of the New Navy, and the move to Admiralty nomination by examination and interview, my Lords showed a reluctance to sweep away a system which they found to their own advantage. Even after the Selborne reforms, they kept their own power to ‘recommend’ a candidate to the interviewing committee.Entrance was still to be by ‘nomination and a limited competitive examination.’…. ‘All nominations of Candidates for Naval Cadetships are made by the First Lord, with the exception of a limited number which are at the disposal of individual members of the Board, and of the Secretaries to the Board of Admiralty? In the New Navy, officers themselves had lost their powers of

A study of the Patronage Books of First Lords Somerset, Corry,Goschen, Hunt and Smith gives us an interesting insight into this process of nomination. An overview, would seem to indicate that the process of nomination, fairly simple in 1860, became more complicated during the late sixties and almost frenzied by the late seventies and early eighties. This is indicated by the increasing number of applications and patrons in the later books and the increasing number of apparent refusals. Almost every one of the 153 applicants in Somerset’s book (1859-1867) appears to receive a nomination although only 81 candidates appear to have ended up as Cadets. This would seem to indicate an ease of nomination in the middle sixties that would perhaps bear out this time as a low point in naval recruiting. Poor promotion prospects and insufficient employment no doubt discouraged prospective entrants. But as the Old Navy increased in popularity and prestige, so did demand. By the late seventies, the involvement of the Royal Princes in the Service upgraded the social desirability of a naval career. As William King Hall said, when in 1869 the Prince took his young sons to Warspite ,dressed as naval Cadets, ‘Your Royal Highness is lifting us up. We have been too long in the mud.’ By the early eighties as Keyes said ,’In those days (1885) a nomination for a Cadetship in the RN … was not too easy ..’, Lord George Hamilton, who was First Lord at the time, was a friend of my uncle, General Sir Henry Norman, and he gave me my nomination…’ By the end of the century it became easier as the New Navy, with its greater demand for officers came into being and the quality of the candidate himself became more important.

The Patronage books give us an interesting insight into this process of nomination.
The patronage book of First Lord Somerset (1859-1868) simply listed the candidate, the date at which he would reach the age of fourteen and his nominees or patrons.. Until 1861 each candidate had one nominee, thereafter one or more. There is no indication of interest in the parental occupation of the candidate, where he comes from or his education. Sometimes, for applicants with a service background, claims of service were adduced, little else. The implication here, is that the patronage was all. One or two patrons acceptable to the First Lord provided the candidate with his nomination. They certified parental acceptability and disregarded any concern for the candidate himself.

In First Lord Corry’s patronage book (1867-1868) there was a move to greater information. The age at which the candidate would reach fourteen was still given, but now the father’s professional/occupational status was recorded, the candidate’s address was given and often his school was stated. The number and quality of his nominees or patrons were registered and his claims to be considered for nomination were set out.

In First Lord Goschen’s patronage book ( 1871-1876) the date at which the candidate would reach thirteen and a half was given, his name and address, sometimes his school, and there was more information presented to back up claims. There was also the introduction of specifically political claimants, e.g .Members of Parliament.

Until First Lord Hunt’s patronage books,(1875-78 and 1879-81) there were only two columns for information : name of candidate and name of applicant. But in Hunt’s books, the need for claims was recognised and the second column was headed ‘Applicant and Claims’. Under this column, such claims as there were had to be fitted. It was difficult to get all the information into the column as patrons and claims increased. There was also an additional column to record whether the candidate was nominated and by whom. It should be mentioned that although there might be the name of a certain First Lord on the cover of the Patronage Book , if there was a change of First Lord, the new incumbent might take over the previous patronage book, if he was of the same political party. By the time of Smith’s book in 1881, there was a wide column provided for claims to be written , and considerable detail, political, social and service, was now evidenced in application. Significantly, the claims column in Smith’s book was always headed by the candidate’s father’s occupation. Parental background was becoming even more important and the nuances of acceptable social status more graduated.

Although the degree of information remains fairly standard in the later books of Goschen, Hunt and Smith, the way it is recorded is not. Patrons were added at various intervals and names, with comments, are often scrawled in margins or squashed into the small space available, making them difficult to read! Eleven patrons to one candidate would appear to be the record. Admiral Hall, Major Dickson, Mr. W. Gordon, Mr S. Leighton, Marquis of Headford, Mr. S .Starkie, Mr. T. Salt, Mr. Sclater Booth, Mr R. Kempe,Sir A. Slade and Major Waterhouse, all backed the application of C. G. C. Taylor, whose father was in the army. He was accepted . Where fathers in commerce or industry were concerned, as in the later books, an increasing number of MPs were roped in to give political strength to the application. The same names crop up e.g. Mr Sclater Booth, Conservative member for Hampshire: Sir M Hicks Beach, Conservative member for Gloucestershire; Hon R Bourke, Conservative member for Kings Lynn. May we assume that some were well known for their expertise in this field of patronage, although they had no obvious connection to Admiralty to my knowledge?

Indications of nominations given or refused were not standard. Sometimes the eventual nomination or refusal was recorded with comments, such as the tantalising, ‘see Capt Tryon’s remarks on Mrs Messum’. S Messum was at New Cross school and was accepted. But often there was no indication of acceptance or otherwise in the patronage books themselves, and recourse must be had to the lists at Dartmouth to establish, at least , which candidates successfully passed the entrance examination.

The addresses from which prospective naval Cadets came, yields few surprises . Most were from the South East and South West of England , Scotland and Ireland featured prominently and there were a few from Cornwall, Jersey and the Isle of Wight. There is some evidence in the patronage books of patterns of attachment amongst men who came from similar regions , (e.g. patrons who came from the same area) and no doubt we would expect to see that within the officer corps itself, particularly those from Ireland and Scotland , but there is little evidence of that in the average officer’s career path. Patterns of consanguinity, also noticeable in these pages, such as the Seymour, Hawkins, Guiness connection, would have counted for more. E. E. Bennett’s claim was that ‘mother’s relations are Hawkins and Seymours’ .A. S. E. Guiness claimed that he was ‘a cousin of the Culme Seymours’ . The Royal Yacht connection was also important..

There was a marked interest in the schooling of candidates from 1873. This reflects the general interest in education at the time and also shows the growing interest in the candidate himself which culminated in the interview procedures of the New Navy. The scholastic background of candidates bears out the popularity and success of the crammers. Apart from mention of the school, mention of the aspiring Cadet’s qualifications are few. There was A. E. De Normann , the boy who knew, ‘ modern Greek, French, Italian and German’ and J. G. Sampson , the boy who ‘ won the only prize in each naval class at Forsters’ but these were only exceptions which proved the rule. Neither boy seems to have been successful in obtaining a cadetship. De Normann appeared in Goschen’s book, but he came from Corfu, his father was a telegraph engineer and he only had Captain Brandreth as a single patron. Sampson appeared in Hunt’s book and despite an impressive array of patrons including two MPs, failed to secure a Cadetship. He must have failed the entrance examination or had a patron displeasing to Hunt. But that seems unlikely, with the Countess of Dalkeith and Mr T Brassey to support him . It is possible, given his name, that Sampson was Jewish. It is not my impression that there were many Jews, if any, in the Royal Navy at this time.

The various claims adduced by applicants for their candidates provide a fascinating insight into the background of aspiring Cadets. Apart from the obvious claims of army and naval relatives of varying distinction, there were claims ranging from wealth to poverty , heroism to victimisation, outstanding family naval service to ‘uncle in the Crimean [war]’. Claims could also include being ‘well known in the literary world’ or ‘writing the History of England.'( Froude). They could include close friendship with a First Lord to meeting him fortuitously at an Academy dinner as did ‘Millais ‘. Reginald Bacon’s single claim was that his father had ‘passed a week with Mr.Hunt at Coombe’. Political considerations were a strong subtext: ‘Captain Turner,M.P,has not troubled his party much and is greatly interested.’

Where a candidate had very important political or social patronage, claims mattered little and often were not introduced at all. Otherwise they were produced in varying detail to bolster the application. Where influential social or political patronage was available, the reference to family members as having served in the Army, Indian Army or Navy was usually considered enough. Where influential social or political patronage was not forthcoming there was more emphasis on the quality of family service or social relations . Action in the Crimea or the Indian Mutiny was adduced , heroism at Waterloo was remembered : H. J. L. Clarke’s father had commanded the Scots Greys and had had three horses shot from under him and his leg smashed at Waterloo; H. H. Brown’s uncle, Sir W. Bellairs had 2 horses killed under him and Robert D’Arcy’s grandfather had been ‘shot in three places ‘. Nor was it only the Crimea and Waterloo that was remembered. C. E. Greenway’s grandfather had been ‘severely wounded by a 14lb shot in the American War,1812 and the shot was still in possession of the family….’ (!) Other forms of heroism were referred to: George Ballard’s father ‘was 8 times mentioned in Despatches’, Henry De La Fosse ‘s father was one of three heroic survivors of Cawnpore, J. E. P. Grenfell’s father ‘lost his life in defending mails and large quantity of gold against Bush rangers’, Keppel Wade was a nephew of a Lieutenant killed leading a raid against the pirates of Borneo. No doubt these claimants hoped to avail themselves of the few service cadetships on offer. But the sort of thing that was considered ‘a good service case ‘ was ‘father’s survey of Indian Gulf exhibited at Exhibition of 1862’

There were also the claims of debt. Claimants who felt something was owing to them by the Navy, as a result of their suffering in the cause of the service. E. S. Alexander claimed that his father died of cold contracted in command of Hector, M. A. Cockroft claimed his father had been paralysed from long service on the West Coast of Africa. C. L. Hamilton’s father had been killed in New Zealand in 1864 and his mother ‘went mad on hearing of father’s death’. George Patterson claimed his father had never recovered from imprisonment by pirates. Thomas Segrave, simply stated that his father ‘died from hard work’ Many claimed the deleterious effect that the service had had on their father’s health and therefore wealth.

Poverty ,as well as affluence , was adduced as a claim. Poverty was connected to the number of children in a family. D. S. Vale’s father ‘left seven children with small means’ , H. B. Barton was one of 12 children, R. Richardson and H.W. R. Boothby had widowed mothers with eight children. Henry Savile was a curate with 8 children .
R.Huddleston had ‘8 sons and no assistance beyond a fair start’. E Bowden Smith, C. H. Onslow and G.A .Brownrigg were all one of nine sons, W. Hickley were one of ten, and S. W. Hunt, of thirteen. It is not that these were exceptionally large families which is significant, but that aspirants saw fit to plead the poverty and difficulties which families of more than eight children produced. On the whole their Lordships seem not to have been much moved by this sort of claim , F. J. P. Currie,the eldest of nine has ‘no promise whatever’ underlined on his entry. Even had they been sympathetic, there seems to be more evidence of wealth being a suitable claim . No doubt the First Lord was aware that a Cadet’s life needed a certain amount of financial underwriting. ‘Boy very anxious, mother very poor’ is less likely to elicit a nomination than ‘boy will have £2,500 a year when he comes of age'(W. G. Cowant) or ‘boy will have £5000’ (T. S. G.Newbold). Also, no doubt the Navy thought that wealth , rather than poverty, was appropriate to the officer corps, – a more gentlemanly attribute, making for a less dependant or corruptible officer. It is worth noting that many of the poorer applicants applied for the £40 scale of fees, which denoted a ‘scholarship boy’ . These requests only appear in Hunt’s book and again show the growing interest in the candidate himself , presumably it indicated some aptitude on the part of the candidate. 13 applicants asked for £40 scale, 10 were successful. This seems to be a high proportion and would indicate a growing value attached to scholastic prowess. Some candidates were fortunate in having relatives who offered to stand surety for fees.

Where relatives were sufficiently superior in social standing , the matter of claims was considerably less important. Suitable relations were of the essence and great ingenuity was shown by aspiring applicants who had to scrabble around to find them : Oswald Sanderson had ‘a sort of connection with the Earl of Cadogan’.On the other hand the fact that M. R .St John’s applicant, Admiral Sir R. Munday, was ‘a connection’ was significantly underlined! . For those who did not have to search for acceptable relations, the path to naval entry was considerably eased. John Clarke’s great uncle, Lord Exmouth , was enough to secure him a nomination under Goschen. Exmouth was an offspring of the renowned Pellew. Where the first applicant was a Lord, or a Sir, the candidate was almost invariably given a nomination.

It is interesting to look at the place of women in these pages. One gets a picture of a benevolent social circle of female concern. Upper class ladies interceded for doctor’s sons or other aspirants thought to be worthy. Lady Herbert applied for an orphan boy. Lady Augusta Hervey described W Macarthy as ‘one of the most accomplished members of juvenile society I have ever seen’ .First Lord’s wives expressed a concern for other needy boys, whose fathers were often dead or had other mitigating circumstances. Mrs. Latrobe applied to Mrs. Smith for a boy whose father was paralysed, but the father was only a coffee planter and the applications was not recorded as successful.. Of Mrs. Goschen’s four applications, three are recorded as successful.

An examination of the party political aspect of the patronage books shows clearly the importance of political influence. In 395 applications for nomination , one or more Members of Parliament were invoked. E. Jervoise’s father, ‘always proposes Mr. B. for the county . Mr. B. very much interested. ‘ Capt. Turner ‘has not troubled the party much and is very interested…’W. S. Macarthy ‘gave great service as agent for Mr. Paull’, Conservative member for St. Ives. And applying to Goschen, F. Locke’s ‘father is a liberal.’ Of the ninety MPs applying to Hunt, only 6 were liberal and of the 38 applying to Goschen, only 8 were conservative. Political patterns were similar for other First Lords, although it is possible to conclude from the evidence available , (of Somerset’s 43 recorded applications, there were only 3 M.Ps mentioned and they were 2 liberals with one conservative) that a more laissez faire attitude towards party existed in the sixties and became tighter during the eighties as more political weight was introduced.

First Lords varied in their attititude to applicants. Lord Goschen tried to be discreet, He assured Lord Dalhousie that he wanted to nominate ‘but feared there would be very few nominations at his disposal’ , or again, ‘Mr. Goschen would be glad to have it within his power to nominate but it is contrary to the practice of the administration to promise’ On the other hand, he was ‘personally interested in H. G .Cotterill’ (There are no other details to this application, other than the name of the father – the boy was successful. He became a Major in the Royal Marines ) and ‘particularly interested in D. Guthrie’, again no further details and this time no record of acceptance. Was this support of obscure candidates a result of Mr. Goschen’s own rise from the middle classes or an aspect of his ‘liberality and fairness’ in ensuring an advance in pay for those who worked in naval dockyards. Mr Smith was more forthcoming and promised Michael Culme Seymour a nomination at Malta , ‘if he was still in office’ , he declared himself ‘exceedingly glad’ if he could nominate Hon. C. Denston for Captain Fairfax and that ‘Sir B. Henniker need not apprehend his boy being overlooked if he remained in office’ . Mr. Hunt was perhaps more devious. He informed Lady Manners privately that he would nominate and told Hon.. R. Bourke and Mr. Connolly, M.P. that he could not promise a nomination, but the Duchess of Roxborough’s request received ‘promised’ with a double underlining . Lafone, whose father was a member of the London School Board and a local merchant , was also told ‘ Hunt promises now’ , presumably since one of his applicants was the Mayor of London! In fact Hunt is the most ‘promising’ of all the First Lords in this matter of patronage. Was this why Sir H Briggs described him as ‘unusually popular amongst the country members?’

Whatever deductions made be made from these Patronage books, however accurate or inaccurate, there is no mistaking the significance and interest of the Patronage books in a study of the background of Victorian Royal Navy Officers.

The Nomination Database

For those who may be interested I have appended a summary of the database I made from the Patronage Books. It is necessarily unpolished, (requires a sympathetic imagination in places! ) since it consists of shorthand notes made at the time, but it may still be of use to those interested in the naval, genealogical and sociological implications of the data. I have provided a key which I hope will be enough to clarify the data and make it usable. My thanks go to Paul Hunt for his hard work in dealing with the complications of the data base and putting it on the web site. I must also put on record my gratitude for the courtesy of Britannia Royal Naval College in allowing me access to the Patronage Books.

Mary Jones asserts her copyright to this database.

1AbbottThos F65-9N CaptY
2AbercrombieWalter DDecember 1872JerseyCiv Ser IndiaAGoschen1Mrs GoschenFam served with distinction in IndiaY
3AdairHenryApril 1873SEC EastmansA Lt ColAGoschenCapt Fairfax1Lt Col adairFatherA relsY
4AdairT B SNovember 1874SEChelseaA ColAGoschen1Col C AdairFatherA relsy
5AdamsSydney HFeb 1881SEA CaptDHunt1Lord H ScottC SelkirkMPBoy orphan -ward in Chancery-grandson of Ad and neplew of Sir S Smith who defeated Nap at siege of AN
6AdamsErnest PDec 1878SEAHunt1Rev AdamsFatherFather, cousin Lord Telford
7AdderleyDE60 -67Somerset
8AddingtonHon F C BJune 1873SWI of wightNRGoschen1Lord SidmouthFatherY
9AddingtonHon H WMay 1873SWLandedAGoschen1Lord SidmouthY
10AffleckPhilip BSEC EastmansHunt2Lady AffleckMotherMr W S RoseSen Nav RelsY
11AffleckEdmundMar 1868SeC EastmondsIndCorry1SirFatherY
12AgnewA F VMarch 1879SECom IndDHuntSmith1Mr R V AgnewC Wigtownsh.MP UncleBoy OrphanY
13AgnewS MontaguAugust 1880ScotN CaptAHunt6Capt AgnewHon Robert BourkeC Kings LynnAd AgnewRt Hon Sir J Hay Bt.MPRt Hon Sir FergusonAdm Sir G EliotKCBWar medals of fatherFlag Lt to Sir C NapierY
14Ainger Wm65 -9ClergyY
15AinslieAlex WmNov 1869SWClergy4Sir A A HoodMr Gore Langton to Sir J HayMiss Warre writes to Miss CorrN Capt BrandrethGrF served American War
16AinslieArthur W69 -75ClergyY
17AitkensP B1860 JulySir H Leeke3Lord TalbotVis.IngestreM W TalbotMPY
18AkersC EFebruary1874SWNewark GrammarA Lt ColAGoschen3Col Sir A ClarkMr HayCapt OldfieldA&N RelsY
19AkersGeorge EOctober 1875SEC StubbingtonA R EngAHunt1Capt OldfieldFather India woundedY
20AlcockGeorge HenryNPak2Mr G eo HudsonC Hertfordsh.MPLord Adolphus VaneY
21AldersonW J SDecember1880SESolicitorAHunt1Marchioness SalisburyBoy cousin of Sir G NaresY
22AldersonAugustus ENovember 1876NEClergyHunt2Lady SalisburyAutRev AldersonFatherY
23AldrichA W BApril 1868SEDoctor surgeonA1Capt AldrichUncle
24AldworthJohnJan 1878SEFarmerAHunt2Col Loyd LindsayMr Aldworth'no profesion crossed out and farmer substituted in pencil Also in pencil ,'father a farmer - Capt G
25AlexanderH G HFeb 1881SEClergy Ch ScotAHunt1Mr FieldenC/L?MP
26AlexanderErnest VernonMar 1877SEA Ind MajorAHunt5Miss KinlochAuntHon Mrs YorkeMiss HuntMrs SmythMr A IstedGreat nephew Ad AnsonY
27AlexanderE SinclairJune 1879SeN CaptDHuntLord Gilford1Col AlexanderUncleFather died cold contracted in command of HectorY
28AlexanderFrancisMar 1868SEAMr Du Cane1EsqY
29AlexanderHerbert R65 -9A Col SirY
30AllenJames De VereAug 1869IreCapt Mackenzie3N Capt De VereUncleSir J A NorthcoteMpMr E n GrenvileMPY
31AllenJ H EOct 1875NBC EastmansA Mil CaptMr Egerton1A Capt WhiteY
32AllenChas P65 -9ClergyY
33AllenbyR AMar 1875NInd Mil CaptACorryHuntMr AllenbyFatherCol Of Regt recommends stronglyY
34AllfreyP SJan 1879WInd JP WarwickAHunt3Lady AbergavennySir J H maxwellP S AllfreyFatherA rels
35Amcotts EWC60 -67Somerset
36AmhurstC H pSept 1875MidClergySir A Milne3Lord MahonSir m LopesCdr A P ArkwrightC Derbysh.MPMat uncle died wounds LucknowY
37AndersonF AlfredAug 1880EEngineer -Civ MechAW H SmithRemovedSir C Mills BtC NorthallertonMPCdr.James BrownRemoved at request of Sir C Mills
38AndrewsJohn M65 -9A ColY
39AnnerleyF D JNov 1877EN CaptRHunt5Lt Col AnnesleyUncleAd A FargharAd EwartEarl AnnesleyCapt D'ArbonY
40AnnerleyW M1861MarSomerset1N Capt Jones
41AnsonErnest EdenNovember 1876SECiv Ser IndRHunt3Mr AnsonFatherLady TenissonMr G PrimroseY
42AnsonW VernonOct 1869MidClergyMr ChilderS2Rev AnsonFatherLord VernonMother a Vernon 'as the father remarks'the two names are not unknown in the Navy"'Y
43AnsonC VernonCapt Caldwell1N Capt T V AnsonY
44AnsonAlgernon H65 -9SE1Lord ChelmsfordSwop for Hay. Boy grandson of Gen Sir W Anson Btand Gen Sir D PackeY
45AnsonWH63 -65Somerset
46AnstrutherJames L65 -9A ColY
47APJ C C LMay 1873IREN'th Hill GrammarNo professionAGoschen2The Knight of GlynMrs ApMother
48AplieuE D'OAugust 1873SWAbbey ScA CaptGoschen1Capt AplieuUncleY
49AplinH FaulconerDec 1875SEN CaptHunt1FatherNav relsY
50ArbuthnotR KSept 1877SEA LandedRHunt3Sir W ArbuthnotFatherMr DuthyMaj Gen ArbuthnotUncleA relsY
51ArchdallHenry D65 -9ClergyY
52ArdenRegMay 1868SWClergy4Earl DevonEsqEsqLord Courtenay
53ArkwrightJuliusJuly 1878NARHuntHunt1FatherOrphan Uncle will provide Uncle died in Ashanti war, underlined
54ArmstrongGEliotJune 1879SE9AHuntSmith2Sir W H DykeC KentMPMr W H SmithC WestminsterMPY
55ArmstrongWm BigoeNov 1869Ire1Mr J H KingL IpswichMP'plenty'N?
56ArmstrongMDF60 -67Somerset
57ArmytagePercy TAugust 1872NEDoctorAGoschen1Sir H JohnstoneSir Warren distant relation
58ArmytageHorace69 -75A ColY
59ArnoldWm HenryMarch 1870SECorry1Lord H ChalmondleyGrandfather
60ArnoldArthur CNov 1877SEMA OxfordAHunt2Mr M CoryMr LevyDailyTelegraphFather, author and fellow of Bombay UniversityY
61ArrowWilliamMarch 1865N Capt.ASomersetSILady RamsayLady Dal. died on passage to IndiaY
62ArrowWMar 1865Somerset
63AshS H BJune 1873SEC BurneysClergyAGoschen1Ad tatham
64AshP W HJune 1881SEClergymanAHunt1Sir H Holland BtC MidhurstMPOne son already midN
65Ashington65 -9ClergyY
66AshwinHenryDecember 1876WInd landed JPAHunt5Mr AshwinFatherCol J BourneC EveshamMPMr H AllsoppC Worcestersh.MPSir M H BeachC GloucestershireMPY
67AskeEdward P65 -9N CdrY
69AtkinsonA WmMay 1879SwA Ind DoctorDHuntSmith1Sir J Kennaway BtC DevonMPY
70AtkinsonW G BSomerset1Hon Mrs Ramsden
71AtkinsonWolseyMar 1860IrePakington1Lady BentinckY
72AtkinsonGS60 -62Somerset
73AugustusW HJuly 1869SELeg SolicitorCorryMr Childers2WarrenFatherViscount SydneyY
74AyrtonPelhamFebruaryNLeg Councillor Court B'ruptcyACorry1Mr Ed HowesC NorfolkMPN
75Ayscough-SmithR FMay 1873SEKidbrooke HouseClergymanAGoschen3Mr DodsonL ScarboroughMPMr WheelerMr ayscough SmithFatherY
76BaconReg H SMarch 1877SEClergyAHunt1Rev BaconFatherNo claims stated but that he passed a week with Mr Hunt at CoombeY
77BaconKenrick VerulamJune 1878SEARHuntMr Smith2Sir R Hamilton BtCapt PellyY
78BagehotWalter N65 -9ClergyY
79BaileyE BurdonApril 1875SEC EastmansNo professionACorry4Rt Hon Sclater BoothC HampshireMPLord H LennoxC ChichesterMPMr CarmichaelMr W h SmithMPY
80BaileyAndrew KEd ProfessorY
81BainbridgeJ HAd Martin2Mr CurryMr W C DobbsMPY
82BakerArthur BFebruary1882SWA CaptAHunt1Visc.HinchingbrookeC HuntingdonMPA rels
83BakerCaspar J65 -9N RAY
84BakerW m H BJune 1876NInd JPDHunt3Mrs BakerMotherCapt C WaddiloveLord Londonderryboy descended Ad BlakeY
85BalckP AbercrombieSomerset1Med Dr Black
86BaldwinGuy MAug 1878A Ind Lt ColAHunt1Col P J CampbellA relsY
87BaldwinJohn GreyJuly 1880ParisMerchantRSmithSmith3Mr G CampbellA.Capt CampbellY
89BalguyC E St JohnJuly 1876SEDHunt3Mr J WatneyC SurreyMPMrs MorantMrs Ward HUntBoy very anxious mother very poor'
90BallardGeorge AlexMarch 1875ScotC BurneysA ColAGoschenHunt1Col J G BallardFatherServed India 8 times mentioned in despatches.Thanked by Ad fior apparatus for steering torpedo boatsY
91BanisterJ A E65 -9ClergyY
92BanksRobt FJuly 1868NClergyACorry4Earl BelmoreMessrs Baxter Rose and CoREv SharpeEsqY
93BarberBasil CApril 1875ECom Stock ExchangeCorryMr Egerton2Mr SeniorMr F MillerSen NvalY
94BaringHon ASN65 -9Ind landedY
96BaringHA1860 -60Somerset
97BarkleyHM1860 -60
98BarnardH CuthbertOct 1878HuntSmith5WollyMr R AllenL B'hamMPMr R N GrenvilleC SomersetMPSir W MilesMr R N PagetC SomersetMPY
99BarnesLAW69 -75ClergyY
100BarrettJohn BloisSept 1870IreA MilRCorry1Sir R Gore BoothMP
101BarrowS Duncan2Rt Hon C BAdderleyN VA Adderley
102BarryChas RobtDecember 1872IreBaylis House SloughLeg SolicitorAGoschen1Rt Hon R BarryUncle
103BartellotB H FJune 1881SEInd JPAHunt1Siw W BarttelotC SussexMPA rels Gt Grandfather',the late Sir Wm Fairbairn Bt was the great scientific engineer'Y
104BartletAlbertDec 1878EInd JP WorcsAHuntSmith7Mr H AllsoppC WorcestershrMPLord HamptonMPA BartletFatherSir W DykeC KentMPSir J WilmotC B'hamMPT S WalkerY
105BartonE G GApril 1875SEClergyACorryHunt2Duke RichmondMr J B GregoryC SussexMPY
106BartonHugh BradleySept 1871SEClergyAGoschen1Rev BartonFather12 childrenY
107BathurstE F H65 -9Ind landedCorryY
108BattGerard OAug 1875IreInd2Lord CairnsLord HamiltonMPY
109BattiscombeHenryMarch 1881W1IndependentAHunt1HonA WalshC RadnorshireMP'elder son for giving evidence in Penry Lloyd bullying case afterwards so bullied, his health brokeLH
110BattiscombeC AOct 1875MidNo ProfessionHunt7Rev E AshfieldRev W HuntSir j Wilmot BtC WarwickshireMPSir J R Bailey BtC HerefordshireMPJ G LloydMPSir A C KeyY
111BawtreeE60 -62
112BaylyMLR60 -62
113BaylyV60 -62
114BaynesHLA65 -9N AdY
115BeadonWilliamJuly 1880SWA Ind MajorASmithH3Mr HathamMiss BeadonAuntMrWStanhopeMPC Yorksh.MPSir J.Cowell, KCB is uncle
116BeamishR O HMarch1882N RARHunt1 RAd BeamishFatherOwn services
117BeauclerkF60 -62
118BeaumontS W MJan 1878SEInd Landed JPAHuntMr Lushington4Mr G CubbittC SurreyMPCol hon W CotvilleUncleSir J J Lawrence BTC SurreyMPMr MacDonaldSwopY
119BeckErnest BSept 1875SE2N Capt D RobinsonN Ad HallY
120BeckArthur R69 -75ClergyY
121BeddowH RoscoeApril 1879WDoctorDHunt2Mr W WynnC Montgomerysh.MPCapt SeverneC ShropshireMP
122BelcherAndrewOct 1869IreClergy1Sir C BelcherUncleN?
123BellCESept 1874IreN ChaplainDCorryHunt1Sir A ArmstrongM dead Expenses guaranteedY
124BellClaude W HNovember 1880SEA Lt LandedRHunt2Sir J ElliotC DurhamMPMr RichardsN
125BellBasil WAug 1878WClergyAHuntSmith2Sir M Hicks BeachC GloucestershrMPMr G HardyC LeominsterMPY
126BellCE60 -62
127BellairsB St JohnJanuary 1882SWC StubbingtonA ColAHunt1Col BellairsFatherF.pleads dist.service
128BendysheEdmund AlanApril 1881EIndependantRHunt4Mr BendysheUncleLady KeppelSir H KeppelAd FleetFather left as Mid
129BengoughCh WmApril 1881Ind JPAHunt2Sir J KennawayC DevonMPSir M Hicks BeachC GloucestershrMP
130BennettErnest EmiliusAugust 1872SEC StubbingtonClergyAGoschen1Sir R CollierL LauncestonMPMother's rels Hawkins and Seymours
131BennettErnest NJune 1879NClergyHunt2Bishop ClaughtonMrs Bennett
132BennettH J LJuly 1868SEClergyA4Lady GreyGen ForsterGen CrutchleyLady farquharY
133BennettHon G M65 -69Ind LandedY
134BennettHerbert J L65 -9N CaptY
135BennettHon GM65 -68
136BenwellHPHJuly 1868A ColY
137BeresfordChas W De La Poer1861 FebC StubbingtonInd landed,Pak,Capt Chas Eden1Marquis WaterfordFatherY
138BeresfordC R G60 -67Somerset
139BeringtonJ RowlandJan 1879SWA MajRHunt2F J StanfordMrs BeringtonMother
140BerkeleyR T MJuly 1878R Acad GosportARHunt1Lord HertfordA relsY
141BerkeleyHastings G F69 -75A CaptY
142BerryT A LAug 1878EChrists HospitalA Lt ColHuntCapt N Salmon Swifts2H R H Duke CambridgeeLT col BerryBoy given Christs Hospital Nom By Duke of ConnaughtY
143BerthonJ H PAug 1878A Ind Maj GenAHuntSmith2Rev Dean St AsaphhsMr CrippsY
144BertieHon GAV60 -67Somerset
145BethellAlex EAug 1869SWIndCorry1Hon Mrs BethellMotherGrandson,Lord Westbury,ex ChancellorN?
146BethellGR60 -67Somerset
147BevanLambton LL60 -67Somerset2Duke BedfordHon A Kinnaird
148BevanLambton Lee Loraine60 -67pak6Lord HardwickeM Gen CartwrightSir F B HeadLord BatemanMr KnightleyLord BurghleyY
149BewickeT60 -62
150BickfordCodrington ParrNov 1867SEN CaptAHuntCapt Bythesea1FatherMr Corry has nom twin brotherY
151BickfordJoseph G65 -9N CaptY
152BinghamRt Hon A FFeb 1878SEIndAHunt2Lord BinghamFatherLord H LennoxC ChichesterY
153BirchCecil LeaMay 1879SEHuntSmith4Lady E MossSir T E MossCol BlackburnC GlasgowMPMr EgertonA relsY
154BirchG ThackerayNov 1878SECom Merchant Dep Gov Bank of EnglandAHuntSmith2Earl BeaconsfieldSir N M de RothschildBtL AylesburyMPY
155BirdwoodWm RMarch 1879WCiv Ser Ind BombayAHunt1Gen BirdwodGrandfather A IndLH
156BiscoeE CareyFeb 1878SWInd JPAHuntCapt R Tracey3Rt Hon BiscoeFatherCapt Bowden SmithMr HenleyY
157BissetC D'U MApril 1783EA MajAGoschen!Maj BissettFatherA relsY
158BivoirH H S BAuh 1878SEA Ind ColAHuntSmith2Mr E Howley PalmerMPAd Sir C EdenY
159BlackHorace65 -9A Lt ColY
160BlackburnLewis FredFeb 1870SEA MajCorry1Sir J Ferguson BtC ManchesterMP
161BlagraveJ CJuly 1877SWLeg SolicitorAHunt1Rt Hon J MowbrayC Oxford UniversityMP
162BlakistonPeytonJune 1879SeN CdrDHuntAd Hood7Lady SabineV Ad PreedyAd r HallM BlakistonCapt E Panter DownesCol Hon W ColvilleFather served 26 yrs died active service W coast AfricaY
163BlandyJohn Fras AdamJuly 1880SEA +Civ ServRSmith6+Lord PagetMarquiss HertfordCol l LondragMPLord BarringtonLord BarringtonSir Charles RussellSir Charles Russell
164BoddamACorry1W miles EsqY
165BodeGerald FJanuary 1882SEInd JPHunt1Mr BodeFatherGovt service
166BoileauChas B(discharged)65 -9A majY
167BolderoH StuartApril 1877MaltaA ColAHunt6Ad FairfaxCapt CodringtonCol BolderoFatherLord ChrichtonMP CousinMarquisof BathAd Sir C EdenY
168BolderoA HApril 18771Rev BolderoBrotherBoy 'one of sixteen'underlinedY
169BoltonG T1Lord Shrewsbury Talbot
170BoltonJ IJuly 1874SEC BurneysClergyDCorry6Mrs BoltonMptherN Cdr KenyonUncleMr DykeMPG HardyC BagnallMrs BurgoyneY
171BomfordR CSomerset1N RA Codrington
172BondJ E C65 -9A Lt ColY
173BoothA JD1N Capt BoothFather'F=Gov Montserrat, boy 'now an orphan with his two brothers unprovided for ' A good case,very goosY
174BoothbyH W RJanuary 1875EClergyDGoschenHunt1Rear Ad LambertWidow with 8 children Rels lost legs in battleY
175BoothbyF S POct.1880IreAAHunt2BoothbyMr KnightMPWounded army relsN
176BoothbyS W BAug 1879SEClergy Bt.DHuntSmith3Lady BoothbyMotherLt ColRt Hon Sir m BeechMPA relsY
177BoothbyWm OJune 1879SEClergyDHuntCapt 'A Irvine3Mrs BoothbyMrs CarrollMr G S EstcourtY
178BoothbyCecil GT65 -69ClergyY
179BoothbyCGF60 -67
180BornfordR C1Lord Westmeath
181BosanquetGeo S65 -9ClergyY
182BoscawenJohn N65 -9Clergy HonY
183BoucherWalterEllisOctober1872SEInd JPAGoschen1Mr BoucherFatherDescended from Pett Family ,eminent shipbuildersY
184BouchierHenry E65 -9ClergyY
185BoultonS HJan 1875SEClergyCorryRev BreeNephew AdY
186BourkeWm F65 -9ClergyY
187BourkeHon Maurice A65 -9Ind landedY
188Bowden SmithErnestJuly 1876NClergy Teacher RugbyAHunt2Mrs SmithCapt H Bowden SmithUncle
189BowenSMJan 1875Ind landedACorrySir H yelverton1Sir w mendsFatherGoschen had promised to nom for June 74,swop CaptainBickford'snom. Nom in Capt Edge's vacancy giveY
190BowenArthur LAugust 1879SEClergyAHuntSir m Lopes3MPMPESqY
191BowenJ C GAugust 1873SERev Powles WinchfielsAsst RegistrarAGoschen1Mr BowenFather
193BowlesHC60 -62
194BoxerJames S C65-9N AdY
195BoyerFrancis H65 09ClergyY
196BoyleMontgomerieMarch 1872SELeg BarristerRGoschenLord?1Mr BruceMPY
197BoyleRoger CAugust 1876SEA Lt ColAHunt1Lt Col BoyleFatherFathers own service
198BoyleE L DJune 1878EADHunt4Mr PakingtonRev ASeymourMr C DalrympleC ButeMPRt Hon G BoothbyMPY
199BoyleHon RobtJune 1877SEHunt4Lady ShannonLord GilfordAd Sir H YelvertonPrince of WalesY
200BoyleW1G Burrard Esq
202BoysGeorge GreenhallSomersetAd Hope1N Capt Boys RNY
203BradfordEdward EdenDecember I871SEA SurgeonAGoschen3Mr BradfordeCol TollemacheCapt GoodenoughFather on board of examiners.Army?Y
204BradishJ HFeb 1878IreNo ProfessionAHunt6Mr A KavannaghMPLord ChancellorIrelandSir J NorthcoteEarl CourtownCol TaylorMpColl TottenhamC MerionethshMPY
205BradshawVictor60 -62
206BraithwaiteHenry m65-9ClergyY
207BrandrethThomasOct 1878A MajorAHuntHunt1Capt BrandrethUncleY
208BrayGeorge R65 -9ClergyY
209BreeseCh EdwardSept 1880WalesSolicitorAHunt2Lord MostynMarquissLondonderry
210BremnerDavidMarch 1879Cheltenham CollegeCom MerchantshipownerlandownerAHuntSmith5Sir W EdmonstoneC StirlingshMr SmollettC DumbartonshireMPMr R MontgomeryC AyrshireMPMr A WhitelawC GlasgowMPCol AlexanderC M'sexMPY
211BrettEd P65 -9ClergyCorryY
212BridgeWm CyprianDecember 1873SEWallthamstow House schoolN CaptAGoschenSir T Cochrane2Capt W H BridgeFatherCapt ChamberlainF own servicesY
213BridgemanHon Francis I1861 JulySomerset1Lord NewportC ShropshireMP
214BridgerReg65 -9ClergyY
215BridgesWm BOct !870SEN east indianCorry!Mr BridgesN
216BriggsCharles JohnJuly1871SEClergyAGoschenG1Rev BriggsFatherGr.long serving naval chaplainY
217BriggsJ ArchibaldAugust 1880WMercnantaHunt2Mr B WoodsRt.Hon J SStansfieldL HalifaxMPY
218Bright-SmithVandaleur BFebruary1882SEClergyAHunt1Mr OldershawLH
219BroderickL St JJune1870SEClergyCorry1B F SmithEsq
220BromlyRupert FOctober 1875Hunt1Rt Hon Sir F KellyY
221BrookeBaronNovember 1880IreMerchant, wineAHunt1Col DyottC LichfieldMPN
222BrookeJocelyn P69 -75Ind LandedY
223BrookerR L CApril 1879SEC New CrossN Ins of MachineryAHunt1Lord J Hay
224BroughtonThos HenryJanuaryCapt Preedy1T J Sneyd HynnersleyPolice Const B'hamY
225BrowfillF Ljan 1879EA MajorAHuntCapt Bedford2Sir J A Bailey BtC HerefordshrMPH GwynY
226BrownWalter PathurstJan 1879A CaptY
227BrownF C2Sir J TrollopeHon W Wrothesleyy
228BrownH HNov 1874EClergy CurateGoschen2Duke BedfordMr BrownFatherA rels Uncle, Sir w Bellairs had 2 horses killed under him at Waterloo'Wi
229BrownAlexanderAug 1879WA ColRHuntSmith1Col RodneyGrandson Adm Lord RodneyY
230BrownArthur W69 -75N CaptY
231Brown CaveW CFeb 1881EClergyHunt2Mr TalbotMPMrs W H SmithFather accompanied army in Ind Mut.Wounded Very poorY
232BrowneHorace KNov 1869Civ Ser Customs1Mr Corry at request of J Severe, late MPN?
233BrowningEd MontagueMay 1875SEC BurneysCom MerchantCorryHunt2N Ad RyderCapt C BridgeY
234BrowningLionel ONovember 1874C BurneysCom MerchantAGoschen1Cdr C BridgeCousin
235BrowningLOJuly 1876SEA CaptRHunt6Lord BristolSir C RussellBtC WestminsterMPMr Hunter RodwellC Cambridgesh.MPRt Hon Sir M Hicks BeechC Gloucestersh.MPMr H WilsonMr E GreeneC Bury St EdmundsMPFather's good army serviceY
236BrownriggG AJanuary 1873IreClergyAGoschen1Mr GregoryRev BrownriggFatherNine Children Cousin Lord PlunkettY
237BrownriggHenry ErnestFebruary 1877SEARHunt1Lady Selina Bidwell
238BruceChas EdFebruary 1873SEA Lt ColAGoschen3R Ad MooteLord StairMr GlynMPFather,Sec RMA WoolwichY
239BruceF A PAugust 1876SWHunt3V Ad Hon HastingsMr LushingtonSir H CodringtonY
240BruceEd W De wAugust 1876ELeg Judge ColoniesAHuntSir T Symonds2Cdr C HoareSir Sydney DacresY
241BruceHenry HNov 1875N CommodoreCapt Nott1Com BruceFather
242BruceErnest K65 -9Clergy CanonY
243BruceGWH60 -62
244BruceEK63 -65
245BryanMervyn S N66 -9ClergyY
246Buckle C H J
247BulfinE SMay 1876IreCom Merchant wineAHunt1Col TaylorMPCol Taylor at request of Mr Guinness
248BunburyH J69 -75A ColCorryY
249BunchJ LDecember1881MidDoctorDHunt2Mr ChesterMrs Bunch An ancestor of mother's supposed to have discovered Le Maine's Straits'
250BurchillFredkFebruary 1872SEC New CrossCom Merchant wineAGoschen1Capt DenninY
251BurkeJames hA GenY
252BurlandArthurJune 1877WightClergyAHunt2Dow Lady WaterfordLord E CecilC EssexMP
253BurltonH EAug 1879SWClergyDHuntSmith1Capt ChapmanChapman did not use his nom when hecommissioned DidoY
254BurneK OFebruary 1877SEA ColAHunt3Capt BytheseaR Ad RichardsMr GoschenMPFather 33yrs service Sec to Gov India Military DeptY
255BurneySAB69 -75N Staff CdrY
256BurrowesA RobinsonSept 1880Hunt3Mr W J LeghC CheshireMPBaroness De CettoMed unfitY
257BurtE WCiv Ser Attorney Gen St KittsSomerset1Mr RobinsonGov St KittsY
258BushPaul W69 -75ClergyY
259BussellEdwin CFeb 1868MidClergyCorry1Lord J Manners
260ButlerF F PJuly 18741IreA CaptRCorry1R A GoochSeverely wounded InkermanY
261ButlerF F pJanuary 1873SEA CaptRGoschen1Lt Col FitzgeraldCousin Sir H YelvertonY
262ButlerChas A1Mr H DrummondC SurreyMP
263ButtershawT HJanuary 1875EC New CrossA MajAGoschen1Rt Hon J StansfieldL HalifaxMPY
264ByngNelsonAd Martineau2N Capt W H HallMr CorryNephew :Lord TorringtonY
265CadoganH O SNovember 1881WClergyHunt1Mr C RotheryA rels
266CallandC F FinchHattonJune 1879WInd JP GlamorganAHunt3Mr CallandFatherMr A GardnerMPMr L L DillwynL SwanseaMP
267CallanderHB60 -62
268CalvertFred JohnAugust 1876EClergymanHunt1Rev CalvertLH
269CampbellJ A LivingstoneJan 1870ScotA ColCorry1Sir J Ferguson
270CampbellF LJuly 1868SEN CaptACorryCapt Ward1FatherY
271CampbellJohn RichardsonAug 1882NWNo ProfessionAHunt2Lord AbergavennyMr C M CampbellC Stoke On TrentMP
272CampbellLWGFeb 1881SEA IndAHunt2Mr LethbridgeMrs CampbellMotherA rels
273CampbellC S HJuly 1878SEC EastmansCom Merchant wineAHunt2Lord H ThynneC WiltsMPLord DerbyMPThynne at request of Mr G Powell.Lord Derby has no personal acquaintance'
274CampbellJ S ASomerset1A Maj Gen Hon H SpencerUncle
275CampbellJ J ASEC BurneysSir A Milne1Maj Gen Hon SpencerY
276CampbellLord GGInd LandedY
277CampbellAH1860 -60Somerset
278CampionArthur G65-69SEN CaptAHuntCapt CampionFatherY
279CanstonA MEPakington2T Pickernell EsqMrs M WalshY
280CareHerbert CapelOctober1872SELeg BarristerAGoschenMr LefevreSir G B WesternGrandfatherY
281CarewBenjamin S69 -75A CaptY
283CareyC E EMarch 1879SEA ColAHuntAd Wellesley1Col CareyfatherArmy officer relsY
284CareyGeoffrey AMarch 1879NeClergyAHuntSmith1Miss J HuntFather nephew late Ward HuntY
285CareyWalterAug 1875SEA Col Dep Judge AdvocateCapt Baird1Col CareyFather'good service case'Y
286CareyCAB65 -69ClergyY
287CareyWm mCapt Seymour2J Carey EsqSir G de MarchantCivil and military claimsY
288Carey-ElwesF De StutevilleAug 1878EA Lt 'Buffs'RHuntSmith1Mr V Carey-ElwesFather,steward to Lord EgmontY
289CargillH SOctober 1873SEGoschen1Sir J OgilvyL DundeeMPSwop 'Hotspur ' nom with Sir J HayY
290CarmichaelW VJuly 1868IreDoctorsurgeon for CoastguardACorry1Hon J HamiltonL LanarkshrMP
291CarrEardleyApril 1873SELeg JudgeAGoschen1Rt Hon ChildersL PontefractMPMother declines nomDe
292CarterG C C!860 MaySomerset1N VA CarterFather
293CarterH P CAug 1875SEA Capt-Ch Const Bucks1Mr S G SmithC AylesburyMPY
294CarterArch S69 -75ClergyY
295CarterAJ63- 65
296CartwrightMontague GMay 1875SELeg SolicitorCorryHunt3Lord HamiltonDuke AlbemarleMiss Charlotte HUntY
297CartwrightGeorgeFebruaryN LtDCorry1Earl LauderdaleY
298CartwrightT GeorgeSept 1880WalesTeacher MA CambridgeAHunt5Col Hon MorganC BreconshrMPDuke BeaufortMr SwainsonMr C BaillieLt.Gen SomersetCBFather -'great Iron Master and owner of race horses'
299CasementJohnJuly 18868IreCorry1Lord CairnsBoy rel late Sir W Casement Mil Sec Council in IndiaY
300CastleRobert FryESir A Milne1Sir J R CarnacL SandwichMPY
301CatorB AMar 1878EN CaptAHunt1Mr LushingtonSwopY
302CaulfieldJames65 -9A CaptCorryY
303CaveGeorge EllisMarch 1881SEN RAAHunt1Rear Ad CaveFatherY
304CavendishHenry FredMay 1868SeA Lt ColCorryLord Lennox1FatherY
305CavendishA E JApril 1872SECiv Ser Foreign officeRGoschenLord Kimberley
306ChadwickChasDecember 1876NWC BurneysAHuntMr Egerton3Mr NewdigateC Warwicksh.MPLord BradfordHon A FitzmauriceY
307ChaineFras WmJuly 1880IreA Lt.ColASmith2Mr ChaineC YorksMP FatherCol TaylorMPFather,long term serviceY
308ChamberlainHenry65 -9N CaptY
309ChapmanEd PooreJune 1868SWA ColACorryMr Du Cane2R AdfatherA relsY
310ChapmanCuthbert GOctober 1875SEHunt2Mr Smith Dorrien SmithMr E MacGregorY
311ChapmanF F A HOctober 1881WClergymanAHunt1Mr A ChapmanUncleRel Sir J and Sir C Rowley
312CharltonEdward FrancisAug 1878NDoctor PhysicianDHuntSir H Yelverton3Lord TankervilleFriend fatherLord ErlingtonFriend fatherMr C F HamondsC Newcastle on TyneMPY
313CharringtonEdward PuseyOctober 1871SECom MerchantAGoschen1Mr CharringtonFatherY
314CharringtonMowbray VNov 1869SECom Brewer2Mr CharringtonFatherRT Hon S CaveC ShorehamMPGt Uncle Ad CharringtonN?
315CharringtonHaroldECom Brewer1Mr CharringtonFatherY
316Charter65 -69A MajY
317ChesneyFE60 -62
318ChichesterGerardOctober1872SWGoschen1Sir A ChichesterFather
319ChichesterCharlesRDecember1880IreA ColRHunt6Lord CroftonAd JerninghamMr O'ConnorMPLord CliffordSir Constable BtMr MooreMPArmy rels
320ChichesterGeorgeJan 1879SWA CaptAHuntSmith1Capt ArthurFather,Sir arthur, one son a LtY
321ChiffinsC P EAug 1878Engineer SurveyorHunt4Rt Hon RA CrossC PrestonMPAd Edmonstone BtC StirlingshrMPMr BainMr G LewisL DevonMP
322ChildStephen AOct 1878SEDoctor MO OxfordAHuntCapt Durrant2Capt DurrantRt Hon G HardyC Oxford UniversityMPY
323ChippendallEdw C65 -9ClergyY
324ChowneJH60 -63
325ChowneH S T1N Capt HewlettUncleY
326ChristianHaroldMarch 1881SEN CaptRHunt1Capt ChristianFather
327ChristieEdwardJuly 1877SEMPAHunt1Mr ChristieC LewisFather MPY
328ChurchPercyWSept 1880Hunt1AD. Sir H KeppelN
329ChurchillEd HicklingApril 1872SWTwyford SchoolClergyhGoschen4Archdeacon WrightSir J HopeCapt HireMr SeniorWorthy fatherY
330ChurchillHarold WApril 1876SEClergyAHunt2Hon T BruceC PortsmouthMPMr DykeMany parishioners employed by AdY
331ChurchwardWalter SMarch 1870Civ Ser Cashier ChathamCorry1Maj DicksonMP
333ClarkA H MJuly 1881SECom MerchantAHunt1Lord TerterdenA rels
334ClarkErnest Smar 1879SELeg StockbrokerDHuntSmith2T W MarshallSir J H maxwellMother has ample means
335ClarkN L HSW1Sir J G BullerC DevonMP
336ClarkPH60 -67Somerset
337ClarkeJohn StanhopeJuly 1869IreCorry4Mrs C ClarkeMotherMr WiseSir Sydney DacresAd HalstedLord Exmouth great uncleY
338ClarkeP SydenhamApril 1783EClergyAGoschen1Rev ClarkeF friend Mr CardwellY
339ClarkeH J LJune 1879SEN CdrRHuntSmith4Mr W DeedesC KentMPMr E PembertonC E KentMPAlderman CottonMPHon R MeadeGrandfather commanded Scots Greys at W'loo where he had three horses shot from under him and his legY
340ClarkeAlgernon EJune 1878SEClergyAHuntMr Smith2Sir G ElliotMr P FitzroyY
341ClarkeL A GNovember 1880WBarristerA2Hunt2SirM Hicks BeachC Gloucestersh.MPMr E F TalbptC StaffordMP
342ClaudeVincentOct 1867SEClergyACorry2Duke RichmondLt Col BarttelotC SussexMPY
343ClaytonH E GFeb 1881A CaptRHunt1Capt ClaytonDuke EdinburghArmy rels
344CleatherA ENov 1869SWClergy2Rt Hon Lotheron EstcourtC WiltsMPN Ad Sir E CollierNav relsN?
345CleaveOliverJuly 1882JerseyTeacher HeadmasterAHunt1Rev H A Morgan
346CleghornJames CMar 1878EA CaptRHunt10V Ad Sir J EdmontonDuke RichmondN Dr DonnetCapt NolanMPSir T batesonSir g DouglasMr mackenzie,Rt Hon G Booth MPY
347ClelandSamuelMarch 1878IREA CaptRHunt6Mr A S ClaytonLady MiddletonTo the PrincesLord VentryLord GarvaghMr M CloseMPLord LiffordY
348CliftonJASir R Dundas1Capt M ArchdallMPY
349CliveH St George SJune 1877SEAAHunt2Lord PowisMrs GlissGrandmotherY
351CockburnW A CNovember 1876WARHuntSir A Milne1CockburnFatherRelated late Sir C Cockburn and Capt Chandos Stanhope. Asks ?40 scaleY
352CockroftM AAugust 1873WBedford GrammarN CaptRGoschen1Mrs CockroftMotherF Paralysed, ling serviceAfricaY
353CokeFrancis SOct 1875EClergyCapt Wilson1Rev C PalmerY
354CokeChas H65 -9ClergyY
355ColbeckFranknov 1874NInd GentACorry!Mr C B DenisonC YorksMPF spent above ?1000raising Vol Art CorpsY
356ColeWentworth VAApril 1873SEKensington GrammarSec R Albert HallAGoschenMr Hunt1Lord A PagetFatherA woundedY
357ColeF G TSept 1869CornwallClergyCapt Preedy2N Capt PreedyCapt Stirling Maxwell BtC PerthshireMPY
358ColeFrancis G S65 -9ClergyY
359Coles CooperWm BurgoyneMarch 1881SEN CaptDHunt1Mr CBC ColesFather lost in Captain
360CollierRWFebruaryCiv Ser Asst Paymastyer GenACorry4H Murray EsqHon S CaveC ShorehamMPG A Hamilton EsqH Murray EsqN
361CollierEdw G69 -75A CaptY
362CollingwoodAB60 -62
363CollyerG E EApr 1879SWClergyAHunt1Rev CollyerFather
364ColombFCMarch 1873SEHarrow prepGoschenMr Lefevre1Capt ColumnY
365ColvilleHon Cecil StanleyFebruary1874SEInd LandedGoschen1Lord ColvilleFatherY
366ColwellJ ASept 1869SEC New CrossA CaptA3N Paym J ColwellGrandfatherLord VaneAd RobinsonMr R BellNav Rels
367ColwellJohn AA CaptY
368ComberA PeterJan 1879SENo ProfessionDHuntCapt Ludmoore1Capt ComberUncleUncle pleads own servicesY
369ConstableCliffordNov 1871N Ind HydrographerAHunt2Lady SalisburyCapt Constable'Good service case..fathers survey of Indian Gulf exhibited at Exhibition of 1862Y
370ConynghamJ S M LMay 1875IreA Mil ColCorryHunt1A Col J A Arbuthnoty
371CoodeJ H CJune1870SWA ColACorry1N Capt T P CookeGrandson Sir j Coode
372CookeBen WhitensMar 1879WalesUnderwriter and quarry proprietorAAHuntEgerton2Mr H BarnettMrs CookeY
373CooksonReg gJuly 1877SWA Ind Maj GenRHunt4Sir S DacresMr PalmerMr BeamishMaj Cokson
374CooperEd Courtenay PFebruary 1877EInd LandedAHunt1Sir A Cooper BartFatherY
375CorbettCh FredApril 1881SEN VAAHunt1Vice Ad CorbettFather
376CorbettNaties65 -9A ColY
377CornishJ WApril 1875SWC EastmansCol Squatter N S WalesCorrySir M Lopes4N Capt R SterneH M StockdaleH J DavenportMr KempeY
378Cornwall LeghSydneyApril 1875ECorryHutSir H YelvertonUncle many years MP CheshireY
379CorryA60 -62
380CotesworthHughOctober1872ScotInd landedproprietorAGoschenCapt Somerset1Cdr Hugh DaviesY
381CotterillH GNovember1873SEGoschen1Mr CotterillFatherGoschen personally interestedY
382CottonNathaniel11Wm Cotton EsqY
383CowansErnest AJUne 1879SEC BurneysEngineer CivDHunt1Rev H whiteBoy highly promising
384CowantWm GreenwoodFebruary 1877Engineer CivAHunt1Lt Col LovellBoy will have ?2,500yr when he comes ofage
385CowperC V De MAug 1878SECiv Ser Judge,Consul CubaAHuntSmith3Ad MontgomeryLord TruterdenCdr A NoadA relsY
386CoxHenry ElliotOct.1880SEA Lt.ColAHunt1Lt Col CoxArmy relsY
387CoxAlfred RAug 1878SERoyal Academy GosportCom MerchantHunt1Mr T H SidebottomC StalybridgeMPBoy Gt Nephew Sir E Parry
388CradockC G F MDec 1875SeInd Landed AHunt1Most Rerv Primus ScotlandY
389CraigHarry GrahamApr 1879IreClergyHunt3Mr D PlunkettC GloucesterMpRev CraigLord InverarieA rels
391CravenHon RW60 -62
392CrawfordCLG60 -62
393CrawleyJohn LloydPak1Lady PakingtonLady P Very anxiousY
394CreasyNLFebruaryInd GentACorry
395CreekH GaythorneSept 1875WClergyHunt2Rev E terrymanMrs CreekMotherY
396CresswellPE60 -62
397CrippsA WmWA Col IndHunt2Mr Spencer StanhopeC YorksMPA Col CrippsY
398CrockettA WMarch 1881SEEngineerAHunt2Sir L WalcottMr W BromleyC WarwickshireMOA Father A eng
399CroninRichardSeptember 1875SESt Charles CollN Surgeon StaffRHunt1MrCroninFather
400CroninRichardSept 1875SESt Chas CollegeA SurgeonR1CroninFatherOnly height weigh chestN?
401CrookshankAlex fonnereauOctober1872SECiv ServantGoschen1DowDuchessSomersetBoy kinsman of Sir F KellyY
402CrossChas A65 -9A Lt ColY
403CrossleyNelsonJuly 1880NEC BurneysMerchantDSmithHMr WStanhopeC Yorksh.MPMrWheelhouseC LeedsMPWheelhouse sent letter from Mrs.Crossley without comment. Stanhope did not know lady.LH
404CroweAugustusApril 1881IreLand agentAHunt2Rt Hon TaylorMPMr Spaight
405CrozierThomas HenryJuly 1881SWA Major REAHunt1Major CrozierFather
406CruttendonP BJune 1881NECom Merchant CottonAHunt4Rt Hon RA CrossC PrestonMPMr WhitleyC L'poolMPMr MaciverC BirkenheadMPLord RamsayL L'poolMP'This case is not pressed, see letter from MR W'N
407Culme SemourMichaelaFeb 1881SEN CaptAHunt1Capt C SeymourMr Smith promised nom at Malta if still in officeY
408CumberlegeBulstrode W65 -9A GenY
409CummingRobt S D65 -9A MajY
410CumminsC G CNovember 1880IreMerchantDHunt5Lady WaterfordAd Fl SartoriusSir a KeyMr GouldingMPMrs CumminsMotherFather - Vice Consul Russia
411CurreyBernardNov 1875SELeg SolicitorHunt2Mr CurreyFatherMr H C Rothery
412CurrieF James PiersJuly 1880SEA MajorASmith1Miss CurrieBoy eldest of 9 'No promise whatever',underlinedN
413CurteisH St LegerAAugust 1876WN CaptRHunt1Mr H FoleyUncle
414CurtisG A HNovember1872JerseyA ColRGoschen1Mr J HamiltonL FalkirkMPA relsY
415CurtoisHuntlyMarch 1873SEC BurneysClergyDGoschen1Rt Hon R C N HamiltonBoy gt nephew of Ad Sir W lake and other distinguished menY
416CustChas LAug 1877IreH M Household Land Agent JPAHunt4Mr CustFatherRev BridgmanUncleMr MurrayR Ad ChamberlainGt UncleY
417CustanceSydneyOct 1875WA Maj Gen2A Capt FoleyA Col TaylorMPY
418CyprianTaylorDec 1875IreA ColRHut1N Capt GrahamY
419D'AethR HAug 1878HuntMr Smith1Mr HardyMPY
420D'ArcyRobtAug 1879IreA MajAHunt4Hon H CorryCMPEsqMPLordMPEarlGrandfather shot in threeplaces at WaterlooY
421D'ArcyJ BIre1T D'Arcy EsqBrother died in RN
422D'OyleyW HFeb 1881SECiv serv IndiAHunt1Sir F HallidayGrandfatherA rels
423DacresLeonardN RAAd Milne1N RA DacresFatherY
424DaintreeJ DJuly 1877ENo ProfessionAHunt6Mr R ?Lord DerbyHon Mrs CavendishSir J HolkerC PrestonMPCol Hon A HoodL SomersetMPMr OnslowL GuildfordMPInterest obviously added after LHLH
425DaltonHubert GrantFebruary1876SWLanded JPAHunt4A H PagetL LichfieldMPMr H trevanionUncleMr AndersonMr r Neville GrenvilleeC WindsorMPY
426DalwayJohnJan 1879IreMPAHuntSmith1Mr DalwayMP FatherpromisedY
427DamilW60 -67Somerset
428DampierCecil FNovember 1881EClergyAHunt1Mr FarrerCousin
429DanielChas LNovember 1867E11FatherBrother Mid killed at LucknowY
430DanniellClinton F65 -9N CaptY
431DarlingChasWOctober 1875ScotCom Bank ManagerAHunt!Lord Crofton
432DarlingChas WesleyOct 1875IreCom Bank Manager1Lord CroftonN?
433DaubeneyH FNovember1872SEDoctorAGoschenSir S Dacres3Mr BainesMPMr GlynMPCdr BoysY
434DaubeneyE SMarch1882SEClergyHunt1Sir C FosterBt MPCousin Mid at CopenhagenCousin GenLH
435DavidsonAPSept 1881SWHunt2Rev R ChatfieldGrandfatherHon S HerbertC WiltsMPNephew Capt ChatfieldY
436DavidsonJohnDec 1869EN Surgeon1N DavidsonFatherN?
437DaviesWm HenryJuly 1881WalCom Merchant JPHunt3Viscount EmlynC CarmarthenshrMPMr BowenC PembrokeshireMPMr LloydMPY
438DavisonJohn AndersonMay 1877ENo ProfessionHunt2Sir H IbbetsonC EssexMPLord George HamiltonC M'sexMPOne son already a sub in Navy
439DavorenV H WOctober 1875IreMilitia MajAHunt3Lord GilfordLate MPCol FordeCol E TaylorMPY
440DawesG W WJan 1879IreA CaptAHuntEgerton4Capt DawesFatherMr J HicksC BoltonMPMr W W BeachC HampshireMPMr E hardcastleC LancsMPA relsY
441DawsonArthur MJuly 1878EClergyAHuntSmith2MrsLt Col E TaylorMPY
442DawsonHenry ColeridgeMarch 1865SomersetSY
443DawsonWilloughby PJuly 1875MidA CaptR1Rt Hon R A CrossC LancsMPSen RElsHeight,weight,chest,boyY
444DawsonHC60 -62
445DawsonG SJuly 1875EHunt2N Ad Sir M SeymourGrand fatherCapt C SeymourY
446DawsonRobertSept 1880SEA ColonelDHunt1Ad Sir M SeymourNom cancelled at request of SeymourN
447DayFred GeorgeApril 1881SEA CaptRHunt1Lord EllenboroughA rels ?40 scale
448DayE AldersonMar 1879EInd LandedAHuntSmith2Ad RyderVen Arch AllenBoy in easy pecuniary circumstancesY
449De CarteretR eg MAug 1878JerseyA MilitiaLt COlAHunt2Mr CarteretFatherMr clifton
450De ChairErnest FrancisJune1879SEC Spickerwells southseaCom StockbrokerAHuntCapt Rawson Minotaur1Lord GalweyY
451De ChairDudley RFeb 1878SECom StockbrokerAHuntAd Dowell1Major WaterhouseC PontefractMPY
452de CrespignyV O L CApr 1877SENo ProfessionDHunt2Lord HarlechUncleMr V NealeY
453De HoghtonGilbertFebruaryInd LandedDCorry1Col J W PattenGuardianSon Late Sir H B HoghtonY
454De HorseyS V YDecember 1876WightN CaptAHunt1Capt De HorseyY
455De La FosseHenry F GAugust 1880WA Ind ColRHunt2H R H D.Edinb'ghCol De L a FosseFatherHeroic action father - One of 3 survivors, CawnporeY
456De LaskiA J VJan 1879SECom CityAHuntHunt7Maj Gen ShuteC BrightonMPSir H D wolffeCapt F LowtherHon T BruceMr AshburyMPSir Fras SeymourFather naturalised EnglishY
457De LisleF GApril 1872ARGoschen2Mr De LisleFatherLt Col LeconteurA relsY
458De NormannA EOctober 1873CorfuEngineerTelegraphAGoschen1Capt BrandrethBoy knows modern Greek,French,Italian and German
459De RougemontE FNov 1871SEUnderwriterAHunt2Sir AJRPrice BTGrandfatherMr J Reeve
460De SaumarezP D'ArcyMar 1879GuernseyClergyAHuntSmith7Gen Sir G BalfourAd PowellAd HallV Ad Hon J W SpencerGen De SaumarezUncleRev De SaumarezFatherY
461De Vere PercyHon HMY
462De WintonChasDecember 1873WalesHomeClergyAGoschen1V Ad CollinsonOwn services
463DeaconG SoaperSE1EarlCarnarvon
464DealtryA ANovember 1881EClergy ArchdeaconAHunt3Rev DealtryFatherRt Hon J LowtherC YorkMPHon A EgertonC CheshireMP
465DeardenHenryMarch 1881SEA CaptRHunt1Sir H.EdwardsMr WaterhouseC PontefractMPA =MPrels
466DenisonJohn65 =9A ColY
467DenisonHon CA60 -62
468DenmanL BJanuary 1873SEGoschen1Mr Justice DenmanLawyerNom PromisedY
469DenneCecil GSept 1880WBarristerAHunt5Mr DoringtonMr GaythorneHardyC LeominsterMPMr MurdochSir E CommerellN
470DenstonHon.C.AlbertMarch 1865SomersetSMotherSmith to Capt.Fairfax, 'exceedingly glad if he can nominate'Y
471DentH GAug 1878SELeg BarristerAHunt1Mr DentFather
472DerrimanE QJune 1868SEDoctor surgeoDCorry1Capt DerrimanUnclefather died fever contracted at hospital in Balaclava'Informed with regret cannot nominate'
473DesmondL HSept 1875IreA Capt MilHunt1Col Rt Hon E TaylorMPA RElsY
474DewArthur T65 -9ClergyY
475DickLeonard E65 -9N CaptY
476DickenF RE3RT Hon S WalpoleDr a DickenN Cdr H dicken
477DickenChas G65 -9ClergyY
478DickinsonW RegSept 1874CornwallC EastmansClergyACorryHunt1DeanChapel Royal DublinUncleGr Bishop Meathy
479DickinsonAugust 1876WalesADHunt2Hon G MorganC BreconshrMPSir J BaileyC HerefordshrMPOne son a mid
480DigbyHon G FDecember I871SWInd LandedAGoschen1Lord DigbyFatherY
481DigbyE G WMay 1876NWLanded JPAHunt1Rt Hon Sir C AdderlyY
482DineleyF GJanuary 1879SELeg BarristerAHuntSmith2J D allcroftLord Beauchampold county famY
483DockrellH JMar 1868IreCorry1Father through Col Taylor
484DolphinHenryFeb 1870EInd JPCorry1Mr DolphinFather
485DomvileC W BJuly 1873WClergyAGoschen1Rev DomvileFatherGrandfather Sir W russellY
486DonaldsonG KirwanMay 1879IreA CaptDHuntSmith9Mr D hudsonUncleMr M D ScottC SussexMPMr CustC GranthamMPMr Stanley LeightonC NorfolkMPGen ShuteMr DRPlunketC GloucesterMPLord Cranmore.Father died horse falling on him at HounslowY
487DonaldsonT R KFeb 1881A CaptDHunt5Lt Col W CoxStepfatherSir G.WolselyMr M ScottC SussexMPSir Ch.RussellC BerksMPMr CoopeC M'sexMP
488DormerC J TAug 1877EA ColRHunt3Lord DormerUncleCol DormerFatherV Ad Sir W MendsA relsY
489Dormer-CottrellMaximilianSept 1880SEInd LandedAHunt1Mr D-CottrellFather, JPsN
490DorrienArthur SmithMay 1870SEA Mil Lt ColCorry2Col TaylorH E SurteesC HertfordshireMP
491DouglasArchibald BJan 1868A CaptRCorry1FatherA rels
492DouglasHenry HowOctober 1871NEClergyAGoschen2Lord LyttletonAd WelleselyFam highly respectedY
493DouglasLord P SholtsApril 1882SEInd LandedAHunt1Marquis QueensburyFatherY
494DouglasChas LinzerJune 1881ELeg SolicitorAHunt1Lord BurghleyC NorthamptonshrMP
495DouglasArthur P1860 OctSomerset1Col R P DouglasGrandson Sir H Douglas,son Sir J douglas,nephew A Ad Fanshawe
496DouglasHerrald1Sir j Cunard
497DouglasS GrantAugust 1880SEN CaptAHunt1N Capt SholtsFatherFather pleads own servicesY
498DouglasS GFeb 1881SEN CaptHunt1Capt DouglasFatherAsks ?40 scaleY
499DouglasAngus W65 -9A CaptY
500DowlingA D WSept 1869Civ Ser Senclerk, W Off1A Col PowlettService relsN?
501DownW LeightonNov 1861SEA GenACorry1fatherOwn serivicesY
502DownCecil PMarch 1881MidClergyAHunt1Rev DownFather
503DraffenWm P65 -9A CaptY
504DrewThomas LOctober 1881SWCom Merchant wineAHunt1Mr DrewFather
505DriffieldWmOctober 1881NInd JPAHunt1Rt Hon J LowtherC LincolnMPY
506DrummondWmDecember1881Civ Service IndiaAHunt1N Capt ChurchUncleLH
507DrummondErnest MNov 1869SECiv Ser Ad Clerk1Mr DrummondFatherN?
508DruryG VFeb 1878SWN Lt DruryAHunt2Cdr PriceMPLt DruryFather 36 yrs in service , 10 children, no income but pay
509DruryGeoH65 -9A Lt ColY
510Du PreA KJuly 1869SEClergy CurateCorry3Lord Colchester for Lady CLord BarringtonCol Loyd LindsayMPF Curate of Colchesters village, ten childrenY
511Du PreArthur k69 -75ClergyY
512DudleySydney VApr 1879SEClergyAHuntSmith3Mrs DudleyMotherMr Sclater BoothC HampshireMr W W BeachC HampshireMPLH
513DuffAlex LJanuary 1875ScotARGoschen1Mr Grant DuffL MaryleboneMPY
514DuffBernard JamesNovember 1880A MajorDHunt1Lord RendleshamC SuffolkMPRendlesham uncle - underlinedY
516DunnH PercyFebruaryNClergyCorry1Sir M W Ridley BtN
517DunnMontagu CroftonApr 1877WN CaptRHuntCapt J Jones1Capt DunnFatherY
518DunningC HerbertDec 1878SEleg SolicitorAHunt1Lord Hampton
519DurbinGeorge G69 -75N CdrY
520EaglesZ L69 -75ClergyY
521EardleyC COct 1874SELeg Judge INdiaACorry1Rt Hon Hugh ChildersL PontefractMPy
522EastonJ MarshallOct.1880NWMerchantAHunt1Mr J TorrC L'poolMPArmy rels F - sugar refinerN
523EdeJames GordonMar 1868EN StorekeeperACorrySir a Milne1Y
524Eden GH60 -67Somerset
525EdgecumbeEM60 -62Somerset
526EdwardsW R hallettNov 186?SEC BurneysCiv Ser IndACorrySir S dacres2Capt E HardingeSir j LawrenceY
527EdwardsJames MurrayJan 1868WA Ind ColRCorryJ MacGregor3Mr CTurnerC LancsMPCol EdwardsEsq11 children eldest son NavyY
528EdwardsJames MJan 1868A ColCorryY
529EdwardsR MJan 1878SECiv Ser IndAHunt1Mr EdwardsCommR Bengal Civ Ser
530EdybeareWm HenryNov 1861SEC BurneysAMilitiaACorryLord Henry Lennox1Mr N KendalC CornwallMP to Lord lennoxY
531EdyeErnestMay 1868SW4EsqGrandfatherEsqLord EliotC CornwallMPR Ad SymondsY
532EgertonG Le C65-68Somerset
533EldertonF HJuly 1878IreA CaptDHunt2CaptGrandmotherA rels
534ElliceJames AMarch1882NAA GenAHunt1Gen EllisFather
535ElliotW ESeptember 1873SECheltenham,ReptonA Lt ColAGoschen2Lord DalhousieV Ad Elliot'G wanted to but'fearedthere would be very few nomsat his disposalY
536ElliottJohn WilsonApril 1868N Dep InsRCorry1Mrs Carpendale
537ElliottH W VApril 1872SENGoschen1Mr ElliottFatherMrs ElliottMothergrandson Lord ApocalyticeY
538ElliottWm A65 -9AY
539ElliottHon JH60 -67Somerset
540EllisRobtFebruary1876SECom StockbrokerDHuntAd Lambert2Mr Mitchell(BondSt)Sir A HelpsY
541EllisG A1860 JanPakington5G H EllisLord TalbotLord ChelmsfordLord LonsdaleLord ShrewsburyY
542EllisRobtDec 1875NBA MilEgertonY
543EllisAWC60 -67Somerset
544ElphinstoneAplinJune 1868SeN captACorry1Capt Elphinstonefather
545ElphinstoneHon J DOct 1878Ind LandedAHuntSmith1Lord ElphinstoneMaster of E FatherY
546ElphinstoneE B D65 -9A CaptY
547ElwesEG60 -62
548ElwynRA65 -9A ColY
549EmeryJamesApril 1783EYoemanAGoschen1Mr J ColemanMP
550EnsorLFeb? 1860Somerset
551ErringtonL ASeptember 1873SEC BurneysNo ProfessionAGoschen2Mr E DuffMPMrs ErringtonMotherand has 8 sonsY
552ErskineJamesOctober 1873ScotAAGoschen2Sir J OgilveyL MontroseMPAd KeyY
553ErskineI MMJanuary 1877SEC EastmansA Civ SerDHuntj6Lord RosslynMr EnglefieldLord FortescueMr M J StewartC WigtownMPMr W H SmithMPSir H KeppelY
554EschamRichardIre1Mr J VanceMP
555EustaceJohn BridgeJanuary 1873Com MerchantAGoschen1Ad RiceC KentF was in army A RelsY
556EvansChas HarfordApril 1881SEHunt1Rear Ad.Kennedy
557EvansErnest LOct 1878WalesInd landedDHunt1Lord EmlynC CarmarthenshrMPFather 5yrs Super Carmarthen Constaabulary
558EvansRobert BagePak4Mr T W D BlakemanMPMr McartneyLady ButeS W GrahamY
559EverettArthur W MAugust 1876seInd JPHuntAd Elliott2Sir W tarletonLord H ScottC Sekirksh.Hunt hopes to nomY
560EverettA FJuly 1881SWA ColRHunt1Lord H ThynneC WiltsMPFather,Master of HoundsY
561Evershed RR CFebruary 1873JamaicaCiv SerAGoschen1Mr FanshaweFather, Board ofTrade JamaicaY
562EwartArthur WDecember 1875MidA Maj GenAGoschen1Rear AdEwartUncleA rels
563EyresGeorge RobertAd Martin1N Capt EyresUncleY
564FairfaxR G1860 NovCdr Munday1Lord C hamiltonY
565FaithfullA H FAug 1875Civ Ser War Off2Mr FaithfullFatherSir J PakingtonY
566FalknerBirkeley FJuly 1880IreMerchantASmith6+Col TaylorMPMrJ MacartneyMPMr E VernerMPSir A GuinnessBtMPMrF DickSir A ArmstrongSir A Armstrong
567FallsE BJune 1873SEDoctor physicianAGoschen2Sir A ArmstrongHon WrothesleyY
568FarewellF A SApr 1868SeA Ind MajRCorry3ESqEsqCapt
569FarquharArthur M65 -9N RAY
571FarrellF H AAug 1879SENo ProfessionAHunt2Col E TaylorViscountUncleA rels
572FarrellA W P JSept 1880SEHunt2Col Rt Hon TaylorMPViscount GormanstoElder brother failed to get nomN
573FaussettBrian GodfreyApr 1877WA Factory InspectorAHunt5Mr Horace WalpoleCousinHon Rev TalbotLord C BeresfordC MaryleboneMPMarquis WaterfordV Ad Hon G HastingsY
574FawkesWilmot H1862 FebSomerset1Mrs Fawkes
575FellowesArthurWMay 1878SWN RARHunt1Capt C FellowesUncleY
576FellowesGeo P B65 -9N CaptY
577FenwickG RobtAugust 1880SEA Brig GeneralDHunt3N Capt ParkinMr WetheredC Grt MarlC Gt MarlowMPArmy relsN
578FenwickChas EdJune 1879ECom MerchantAHuntSmith10Hon Sir J PakingtonV Ad Sir Henry KeppelSir J GarnerMr W GranthamC CroydonMPMr BaughenCol NaughtonMPY
579FenwickCollingwood A65 -9N CaptY
580Fergusonfras WmJanuary 1877ScotA Lt ColRHuntSir Madden3Lord BridportGrandfatherR Ad HoodLt Col FergusonFatherY
581FestingE GSomerset1N Capt FestingFesting
582FetherstonhaughE FMay 1877SEA murderedDHunt4Mr CalenderMr F WingfieldUncleSir H KeppelLady CodringtonWife of AdY
583FieldOliverNovember 1876SEClergyAHunt4Lord RodenRev H PalmerRev FieldFatherMrs FieldMotherY
584FieldArthur MN CaptY
585FieldingHon F G H JSept 1880SEIndAHunt1Earl of DenbighFatherY
586FiennesCecil JMarch 1881NClergy -HonAHunt1Earl Darnley-
587FisherWm FentonJuly 1873WightNo ProfessionAGoschen1Cookson & Co
588FisherFrank OMay 1873WightLeg SolicitorAGoschen1Sir C TurnerNom declined father diedDe
589FisherThos HenryNov 1869SwN RA J FisherSir T Symonds1N RA J FisherFatherY
590FisherWm B65 -9N CaptY
591FisherPeter H SJuly 1869EN CaptDCorry1Mrs FisherMother
592FisherThomas hN RAY
593FitzClarenceW HJuly 1881N Capt HonRHunt1Lady M.FitzClareenMother
594FitzclarenceHon W GMar 1878SeInd LandedAHuntMr Egerton6Lord MunsterFatherEarl GlasgowLord LilfordLord Leconfieldcapt HeneagueSir C EdenGt Uncle commanded Royal Yacht - FitzClarenceY
595FitzgeraldRichard PNov 1875SEN Gun LtR3FitzgeraldFatherMr DisraeliCapt LyonsY
596FitzGeraldLord ChasAugust 1872IreAAGoschen1Lord KildareFatherOne son MidY
597FitzGeraldWilfredOctober1872WGoschenCapt Hall1Lord CarnegieL ForfarshireMPY
598FitzgeraldLord M65-68Somerset
599FitzmauriceE WNovember 1880SEADHunt1Earl Orkney
600FitzsimmonsW W HAugust 1867IRe1Gen Sir J ChattertonA relsY
601FlemyngA E FNov 1878ScotClergyAHuntSmith2V Ad Sir W EdmonstoneBtC Stirlingsh.MPRev FlemyngFatherFather,R service Chaplain Gr AY
602FoleyFrancis F69 -75A CaptY
603FoleyCF60 -62Somerset
604FoljambeCGFeb? 1860Somerset
605FootC R De CNov 1878SEClergyAHuntSir H Yelverton5Mr Sclater BoothC HampshireMPRev W FieldSir C EdenV Ad E OmmanneyMr FoxY
606FootC PSomerset1N VAM H Dixon
607FootCharlesIre1Mr E d GroganMP
608ForbesA W WOctober 1867SWRM CoACorry2FatherEsqA relsY
609ForbesA W WOct 1867A RMCorryY
610ForbesWm BalfourF Lygon1N Lt CandlerY
611FordA RPakington1Mr TollemacheMPMr Tollemache calledY
612FordW P BJuly 1881SEFarmer -wealthyAHunt1Mr FarrerLH
613ForrestWiford T69 -75A CaptY
614ForsythArthur B L65 -9N CaptY
615FortescueHon Seymour69 -75Corry1Lord FortescueFatherCorry hopes to nom
616FortescueR J1860 JuneSomerset1Lady Bulted
617FortescueHon Seymour JFeb? 1869Ind LandedY
618FortescueR J1860 June1Lady Willoughby De BrookeAuntY
619FosterThomas HudsonJune 1881EARHunt4Sir W Foster BTAd EdmonstoneC StirlingshrMPMr C S ReadC NorfolkMPSir R BuxtonC Bury St EdmondsMPY
620FowlerC W HJan 1883DoctorAHunt1Sir W GregoryBtC Lincolnsh.MP
621FrederickG ChasAug 1869SECiv Ser Ast Controller ExchequerCorryMr J Hay1N VA C FrederickY
622FremantleSydney RobtApril 1881SEN CaptRHunt2Hon E R FremantleFatherLord MiddletonY
623FrenchH FredMay 1879SECom Suurveyor Land AgentAHuntSmith2Mr W TaylorL BlackburnMPMr h FrenchFatherA relsY
624FrereA H TAugust 1872ClergyGoschen3Rev FrereFatherRev GurdonUncleLord KimberleyY
625FroudePascoe GrenfellFeb 1868SEAuthorACorry1FroudeFatherLord StanleyFather is now engaged in writing the History of EnglandY
626FulfordRB60 -62Somerset
627FurlongC AlexAug 1869SeCorry1N Mr W JohnsonSwopY
628GaisfordJulian ChasSept 1875SEARL When?4A Capt Ld W KerrRev g Gaisford UncleUncleMr H EdenY
629GaithPercy L65 -9A ColY
630GaleWm H L65 -9ClergyY
631GallweyC H PJune1870NARCorry1Miss L GallweyAunt
632GallweyC H PJune1870NNRCorryCapt Campbell1Miss L GallweyY
633GapeG W MMarch 1870SEA Mil CaptCorry1Earl VerulamGt UncleAd Gape (Trafalgar) Gt Uncle
634GarawayA HMar 1875EMed SurgeonACorryMr MillerMPF Surgeon(clever)Y
635GardinerA FAug 1875SEClergyHunt1Rt Hon G W HuntMPGr.N Capt served with distinction,died starvation,Tierra Del FuegoY
636GarveyC W F65 -69N CdrY
637GaskellSam WmMar 18751SEInd landedACorryHunt2Lord ExeterHon A F O LiddellY
638GedgeH JApril 1872GuernseyGoschen1Ad CockburnNom SwopY
639GedgePercy h3Lord ChurstonG.Thorn EsqC Richards EsqRichards says Mr Thorn 'a most gallant fellow, 84 years old and one of the best farmers in the regioY
640GerardNoel1860 MarSomerset1Earl Gainsboro'
641GermanHenry P65 -9A MilY
642GibbesRPMarch 1881SEStockbrokerHunt1Mr J DanversN
643GibbonsC TJuly 1873ClergyGoschen1Rev Gibbons
644GibbonsF K CDec 1878EA Capt (Clerk W O )RHuntSmith3Lord G HamiltonC M'sexMPMr NorthcoteGen Sir D WoodA relsY
645GiffardGA60 -62Somerset
646GiffordE RInd LandedY
647GiffordHon E K65-68Somerset
648GilbertArthur RobtJuly 1876MidClergymanAHunt2Rt Hon J CaveC ShorehamMPRev Lake Onslow
649GillWCH60 -67Somerset
650GillowWm65 -9A CaptY
651GimletteChas TurnerAugust 1872EN SurgeonGoschenMr Lefevre1Mr DelahuntMPY
652GimletteG H DSept 1869SEN Med Surgeon1Mr GimletteGr Master Shipwright WoolwichN?
653GivernH De NeufvilleJune 1868IreCorry2RevMr D JonesC SudburyMP
654GladstoneChas EN1Mr W GladstoneUncleUncle served on Gr. Hosp C'tteeY
655GladstoneM60 62Somerset
656GlanvilleOF60 -67Somerset
657GlennieRobt WoodyerMay 1882SELand agentAHunt1Rt Hon RA CrossC PrestonMPLH
658GoddardFP60 -67Somerset
659GodfinchJ HApril 1873SEADGoschen2Rev FanshaweMr CliftonF was Sir H GoldfishY
660GodfreyC DrewSept 1880NA Lt ColHunt2Col IrelandC BewdleyMPHon A F EgertonN
661GoldinghamR EAug 1869WGent FarmerCorry1Earl BeauchampN?
662GoldneyA JohnJuly 1868SEClergy (Grwch H)ACorry1Lord ChelmsfordY
663GoldneyE60 -62Somerset
664GoldsmithG.LangdonSept 1880SEC EastmansArchitectAHunt2SirW AndersonKCBAd.Lord PagetSIR W Anderson , Navy office, organised acc.systemN
665GoochThomas SNov 187?SENo ProfessionAHunt3Earl VerulamMr G RyderC SalisburyMPMarquis AbergavennyY
666GoodfellowE FitzherbertFeb 1868SEDoctor Pysician M'Sex hospitalACorry3EsqEsqMr SimpsonMPFather has offered various sugegestions to Govt about Public HealthY
667GordonG V HDec 1878SEKings CanterburyA ColAHuntCapt Molyneux1Capt GordonUncleY
668GordonJ M KJuly 1878MadeiraInd LandedAHuntMr Egerton1Prince Ed of Saxe WeimarH R HY
669GordonHenry M65 -9A CaptY
670GordonLord L60 -62Somerset
671GordonGK60 -62Somerset
672GordonStuart DixonMarch 1872SEC StubbingtonA ColRGoschen1Col DixonfatherFather's long service India
673GordonJ G SJan 1879ScotA Ind (landed)AHunt1Hon G K Falconer
674GoreHerbertJune 1879WInd GentAHuntCapt Buller1Lt PowellMP UncleY
675GoringWalterJune 1877SEClergyHunt1Rev GoringFatherOf Portland Place?Y
676GostlingF D Le MOct 1875SEA Lt ColDR Ad Hornby2Mr J FanshaweFatherMrLe MarchantY
677Gough -CalthorpeS AJune 1878WightA ColAHunt2Mr J BoothMr B CochraneFather's A servicesY
678GowAlexGDecember1881MidCom Coffee planterAHunt1Mrs SmithMrs Latrobe to Mrs Smith Father partially paralysed
679GraemeA M S1Hon F LygonC WorcestershMPY
680GrantA E C G65 -9A ColY
681GrantJan R69 -75Civ Ser Gov MaltaY
682GrantIan RJan 1870A Lt GenCorry1Lt Gen GrantBoy grandson Viscount Gough
683GrantHeathcote SAug ust 1877EC StubbingtonADHunt3Col Sir J CowellSir A ArmstrongMr BroughtonA RelsY
684GrantWm LowtherMay 1878SECon Banker JPAHunt4Mr GrantFatherMrs NaresCapt Nares is uncleCapt M LowtherSir W DykeY
685GrantChas DouglasJune 1877WN PaymasterAHunt1The HydrographerLong service fatherY
686GranvilleRobertApr 1878Hunt6Capt FairfaxLord CamperdownMr CallenderEarl YarmouthCapt M Culme SeymourAd HallBoy great grandson lateAd Sir h parkerY
687GranvilleC DelabeneDec 1878SEHuntSmith4Mrs W PigottLady Chas PauletSir H KeppelSir Chas EdenGrandson V Ad Hyde Parker and Ad WindhamY
688GravesArthur F65 -9ClergyY
689GreenWm S P65 -9A ColY
690GreenwayCEApr 1878SEMerchantAHunt1Mrs GreenwayGrandfather severely wounded by a 14lb shot in American War 1812,SHOT STILL in possession of family.
691GreenwayE CSeptember 1873WRev SpurlingWo'hamA Ind Lt ColRGoschenHUnt2Mr WiseMPMr ReptonL WarwickMPY
692GreetThos Y65 -9N CaptY
693GregoryR GrahamJune 1878IreInd JPAHuntAd Hornby5Lord C BeresfordC MaryleboneMPLord OrmondeMr A KavanaghMPMarquis of OrmondeCapt J SoadyY
694GregsonHarold S KJuly1880NEInd JPASmithSmith1Sir MWRidleyC N'umberlandMPY
695GrenfellA B GMay 1868SEN RAACorrySir S Dacres1FatherY
696GrenfellJohn PascoeAug 1882SEIndAHunt1Mr GrenfellFather
697GrenfellJ E PJuly 1878Isle ManCiv Ser NS WalesDHuntMr Egerton2H B LockCapt H Fairfax'Father...lost his life in defending mails and large quantity of gold against Bush rangers..'Y
698GrenfellAlgernon B G65 -69N RAY
699GrevilleA J GApril 1875SEC StubbingtonsN CaptRCorryHunt!N Ad Sir Chas EdenY
700GrevilleA B ENov 1878SEN CaptAHuntSmith1Capt GrevilleFatherOwn services,one son Mid,?40 scaleY
701GreyReginald1860 NovSomerset1E Fairfax Esq
703GriffinCPGJuly 1877SWADHunt1Sir H Keppel
704GriffithHerbert EdJune 1875SELeg SolicitorDCorry2Mrs GriffithMotherRev W OnslowN ChapNephew Dr Donaldson Bury St Edmunds schoolN
705GrimstonOswald DJanuary 1873SEA MajorAGoschenAd Cumming4Mr D GoschenMr WolleyMr AppleyardSir H HoareY
706GrissellR WApril 1872EEng CivDGoschen1Mr H AdairL IpswichMPY
707GroganWm JohnOctober 1871SWClergymanAGoschenCapt Hall2Mr J S HallCapt Vansitt
708GrosvenorHon AlgernonFeb?1860Somerset
709GroubeFrancis E65 -9A ColY
710GroveW H WMar 1868ECorry1Miss MurrayNom Promised by CorryY
711GroverG LSept 1881SECiv ServRHunt2Mr GroverFatherAd Sir C Key
712GrowseR ROct 1875EC EastmansMed DrD2Mrs GoschenMrs GrowseMotherMrs G for Lady waldegrave.Boys father her doctorand great friendY
713GuinessA S EJune 1881SEInd JP DublinAHunt3Mr ReedMPSir A GuinessMP cousinMr GuinessFatherCousin of Culme Seymours
714GunnWm FrancisDec 1870NNRCorrySwopY
715GunnWm F69 -75Med DoctorY
716GunnerArthur GodfroySept 1869SE1N Capt W HeathUncleNav relsN?
717GunnistonHon Wm69 -75Ind LandedY
718GurneyAnthony FFeb 1878Com BankerAHunt5Lord C j HamiltonMr R BourkeC Kings LynnMPMr G BentinckMPEarl DerbyEarl hardwickeY
719GuthrieD CJune 1873EGoschen3Mr GuthrieFatherCapt F H StirlingSir A MilneGoschen 'particularlyinterested'Y
720GwynneG GApr 1878WLeg SolicitorAHunt2Mr GachesGodfatherMr J GardnerC CheltenhamMP
721HainsW R HOctober 1873SWChrists HospitalN CaptAGoschen2Capt HainsCol Clarke
722Haiston?H C E65 -9N CdrY
723HallC E SAug 1874SEARCorryHunt1N RA Sir C A King
724hallF GOctober 1873SEC Burneys(Sherbornew)A Lt ColRGoschen1Mrs GoschenY
725HallNigel MSept 1871SEC BurneysADGoschen1Mrs HallMotherNephew Lord KintonY
726HallBasil W RMar 1879SeN CaptRHuntAd Hall1A BatherY
727HallFrankJuly 1880 MidlandsInd GentDSmithSmith1Mr J.Chamberlain'Mother keeps an hotel in B'ham....v.littlehope'N
728HallEdmund R H69 -75N RAY
729HallAG60 -67Somerset
730Hall-KingHerbert GMarch 1875Private Sc ( Home)N RA Sir W KHallAGoschen1Rear Ad WKHallFatherY
731HamiltonFred TowerMarch 1870SEN CaptCorry1Capt HamiltonFather
732HamiltonClaude,LeslieOctober 1876SEA CaptDHunt1Lt C CampbellFather killed in New Zealand in 1864Mother went mad on hearing of father's death.Asks ?40 scale
733HamiltonS A RFeb? 1860Somerset1Lord Dufferin
734HamiltonAlfred DouglasSept 1875I WightN CaptDHunt1N Capt BoysSen Nav RelsY
735HamiltonAW60 -67Somerset
737HamiltonAMR60 -67Somerset
738HamiltonI DJanuary 1873EInd landed proprietorAGoschenR Ad Hillyer3Mrs GoschenMrOnslowAd M De ConryY
739HamiltonFred S69 -75N Capty
740HamlynOEP60 -67Somerset
741HammondFredkJune 1878SEEd Teacher HeadAHuntMr Egerton5Lord LondesMr Leigh PembertonMaj DicksonMPMr FreshfieldC DoverMPMr DeedesC KentMPSwopY
742HamondGraham E1861 JanSomerset1N Ad Sir G E Hamond
743HamondD S R G65 -9N AdY
744HandcockC.LancelotJune 1869IreClergymanACorry1Col VandaleurN
745HandcockC H K SApril 1872IreGoschenCapt Oldfield1Mr W H GregoryMPY
746HandcockStaniusA ColY
747HandyS AW JFebruary 1872SWGoschen1Capt ParkinCapt Parkin's swapY
748HarbordA CApril 1783SEGoschen1Rt Hon GoschenL RiponMPWsopY
749HarbordRichard MJan 1879Morden CollegeClergy HonAHuntSmith3Sir C Mills BtL NorthallertonMPViscount BuryMr Spencer StanhopeC YorksMP
750HardcastleGrey RFeb 1881NMerchantAHunt1The American MinN
751HardingeJ T1Earl ArranY
752HardyE EFebruary1876MidClergyAHunt4Mr Ormsby GoreMPMaj MerickMr C KempeViscount NewportC ShropshireMPFather very poorY
753HarfordF DJanuary 1875WPrep S W Super MJP & DL Gloc'strAGoschen1Mr HarfordFather
754HarmanGerald LK65 -9IndY
755HarrisWm BirkbeckApril 1881SECom BankerDHunt2Mr HarrisEarl StanbrookeCase already refused once
756harrisonErnest WJune 1877EUnderwriterAHunt1Capt Loady
757HarrisonCV1Mrs Pim
758HarveyPercy LeighOct 1869IreA Capt Ind1Earl HuntingdonN?
759HastingsWalter HJanuary 1882MidN Ad HonDHunt1Mrs HastingsMother
760HastingsC G wJune 1868E1R Ad Hon hastingsUncleSwopY
761HatchardA HMay 1870SEClergyCorry2Dean TigheHon W Ashley
762HathwayHLApril 1783SEChrists HospitalA soldierMurdeGoschen1Mrs LloydMotherY
763HavilandG A D65 -9ClergyY
764HawdonRobt TMay 1868NDoctor PhysicianDCorry1Rt Hon S WalpoleC Cambridge UniMPBoy Orphan
765HawkeHon StanhopeAugust 1876EClergymanAHunt1Rev Lord HawkeFatherBoy descended Lord HawkeY
766HawkeHon H BrookeMarch 1881NIndependentAHunt1Lord HawkeFatherDirect descendant Ad.lord Hawke
767HawkerGerald SFebruary1874SWCom MerchantAGoschen1R Ad Stewartswop Capt Goodenough Nephew Sir M SeymourY
768HawkerE G ADec 1875SEC EastmansA Lt ColC HawkerUncleN?
769HawkinE G AFebruary1876SEC Eastmans A Lt ColRHuntLord Gilford1UncleY
770Haworth-BoothFFNovember 1877NMilitia Lt ColAHunt4Mr BroadlyC E.RidingMPMr MakinsC EssexMPHon C FitzwilliamC YorksMPMr L StarkeyC YorksMPY
771HayJohn MJune 1878SEN PaymasterHuntAd Hood3R Ad RiceMrs HayMotherCdrHayGrandfatherMother asks ?40 scaleY
772HayHon RFG Herbert60 -63Somerset
773HayP MatherMar 1879NNo ProfessionAHuntSmith4Mr GourleyL SunderlandMPJ HughesQCSir E W WatkinL/Ind HytheMPGen MalcolmY
774HayesMontague RJuly 1868N CaptACorryAd Chapman1fatherY
775HayesH TJan 1868WightA Ind CaptKACorry1Mother
776HayesHenry H65 -9ClergyY
777HayneAN60 -63Somerset
778HeathHerbert LeopoldJune 1875SEN AdCorry1Ad Sir L G HeathOwn Services Led Abyssinian ExpY
779HeathcoteArthur ClevelandMar 1868SeN Capt (post)RCorryAd J Seymour1FatherY
780HeathcoteWm ESomerset1A Capt Heathcote
781HebelerB AJan 1883Com Bank ManagerAHunt1Sir H StewartMr Rendel, member of C'ttee on ship design asks through Mr Stewart
782HeberPercy A1860 FebSomersetPakington2Mr B WrightonLord LovaineY
783HedleyFredk AlexJune 1877SEA Civ SerAHunt4Mr EatonLord HamptonMr ShieldhamMr CarmichaelY
784HelbertGNovember 1880SEA IndRHunt2Hon StanhopeLord Stanhope
785HelbyA R E!860 AprilSomerset1Lord Eppingham
786HelbyE C HJuly 1868SEChrists Hosp(Ad Nom)N CdrACorrySir A Milne1Capt RichardsY
787HelbyEdw LH65 -9N CaptY
788HendersonGeorge PApril1865N RAASomersetAd.King1Rear Ad.HendersonFather
789HendersonGeorge S65 -9ClergyY
790HendersonGP60 -63Somerset
791HennikerA JohnJune 1879ScotInd LandedAHuntSmith1Sir B Henniker Bt'Mr Hunt says"Sir B need not apprehend his boy being overlooked if he remains in Office"Y
792HerbertP T CFebruary1882WHunt2Mrs StoughtonMrA DewingUncle
793HerbertWm R65 -9MY
794HerrickEdSEPak2N Ad DuncombeN Capt HerrickY
795HerveyF W FMay 1877SEInd LandedAHunt2Lord HerveyFatherLady HerveyMotherY
796HeusleyW SFebruary 1873WClergyAGoschenSir T D Acland BTC SomersetMPMr StoneUncleA rels
797HewettE MatsonJan 1878SEHunt1Sir W HewettFatherOne son in Navy 'Had no nom for either Devastation or ActiveY
798HewettGeorge HayleyNov 1869SWClergy2Rev H BarnesN RA Hon HastingsN?
799HewettGeo H69 -75ClergyY
800HeweyAG60 -63Somerset
801HewittJohnGOctober 1871WClergyAGoschen2Mr RiscottMr B OsborneL LiskeardMPY
802HewsonJ H F1Mr G HardyC LeominsterMP -Uncle
803HeymanGerald AMay 1876IreA ColAHuntSir A Milne3V Ad TarletonMajor PeploeC HerefordshrMPMr HeymanGrandfatherBoy Cousin Lady DefferinY
804HibganeABMar 1868EA IndRCorry1Mr Hall
805HickleyL W NJan 1879SeLeg SolicitorAHunt1Sir W m Ridley
806HickleyJohn DennisNN Capt1Capt Hickley34 yrs serviceY
807HicklyC SpencerJuly 1878SWN RARHuntHunt1R Ad HickleyFatherBoy one of ten childrenY
808HickmanR St JohnAugust 1880IreA MajorAHunt2Marquis DonegalMaj HickmanFatherCapt Smith promised nom - but Hongkong not entitledN
809HiggensJamiesonJuly 1877SEInd Landed JPAHunt7Mr CrossCdr BuckleSir m SeymourSir W KnightonRev H youngCapt OPhillimoreY
810HiliardHerbert WmMar 1879SeA Ind Col madras StaffAHuntCapt Molyneux for Ru1Capt MolyneuxY
811HillEdward KeppelNovember 1876SEC EastmansA Ind Lt ColAHuntCapt Stephenson for1Hon Rev S C KeppelNephew Sir H KeppelY
812HillMarcus RowleySept 1880SEClergy BishopAHunt2Mr HillMarquiss AbergavennyY
813HillEdward J69 -75Clergy
814HillarThos StandishJune 1875SENo ProfessionCorry1Sir Chas H MillsBTY
815HillyarC BJuly 1881N VARHunt1Ad.Hillyar1 son Mid Asks ?40 scale
816HillyarWilliam POctober 1876SEN RAAHunt1R Ad H HillyarFather.Grandson Ad Sir S Hillyar. Father asks ?4O scaleY
817HillyarC H SFeb 1878IreN RAAHunt1R Ad HillyarFatherOne son in Navy
818HillyardGeorge WAug 1877SESuper of large Industrial SchoolAHunt2Lt Col HillyardUncleCount GleichenY
819HindeH N GFebruary 1877EARHunt3Mr JMacartneyCdr R WhyteUncleMajor W Ormsby GoreC ShropshireMP
820Hirtzelc HenryJan 1879SWLeg SolicitorAHunt2Sir L Palk BtC DevonMPMr A MillsC TauntonMPBoy in care of Sir L Palk
821HitchinsHenry DMay 1873SEClergyAGoschen2Rev IronsRev HitchinsFatherTS ConwayY
822HoareW NobleFebruaryCom MerchantACorry1Sir G LambertY
823HobsonEdwin A60 -63Somerset
824HockinR HickinsApril 1783SEC BurneysNo professionAGoschen1Mr J TalbotC KidderminsterMPY
825HockinC H SAugust 1872N CaptAGoschenSir S Dacres2Capt HockinFatherAd HornbyY
826HockinG StirlingNov 1878SWN RARHuntSir M Lopes3R Ad HockinFatherSir T SymondsSir L Palk BtC DevonMP?40 scaleY
827HodderSamuelMar 1877IreInd JPAHunt1Mr HGoulding
828HodgesP JJune 1878SWClergyDHunt3Rev T barkerLord BeaconsfieldMr M CorryBoy orphanY
829HodgsonJ H1860 SeptCapt Heathcote2Sir E KerissonSir Balwin WalkerHodgsonY
830HodgsonW G C65 -9ClergyY
831HodgsonJJ60 -67Somerset
832HolbeckEA60 -67Somerset
833HoldenH N LJune 1878MidClergy Head I pswich ScAHunt1Cdr HaworthA rels
834HoleH WhitworthSEClergy2Duchess Dow.ClevelandLord H LennoxN?
835HolmesH GilbertDec 1875SEC EastmansNo ProfessionCapt Grant1Lord HawardenServicedeathsY
836HomeHon C60 -67Somerset
837HonnerJosephOctober1872IreGoschenCapt Douglas1Mr D HeronMPY
838HoodHN60 -62Somerset
839HooperHenry BApril 1783SeClergyGoschen1Rev HooperFatherRel Capt Dowell Capt RossY
840HooperC W RApril 1872SEA Capt IndAGoschen1A Ad GiffordY
841HooperW BJuly 1881SEClergymanAHunt1Mr ScottMPLH
842HopkinsJ E MMarch 1872SEGoschen1Mr Grant DuffL MaryleboneMPY
843HordernLionel RApril 1873ENAGoschen1Mr Hordern10 yrs controller of Navy Dept
844HoreHenry ReidJan 1870N Capt Attache at ParisCorry1capt HoreFather
845HoreChas OSeptember 1873SeN CaptDGoschen1Mrs HoreMotherF 40 yrs naval attache at ParisY
846HorneR G SScotLeg Advocate SherriffAHunt8Sir F GrantUncleN Capt LucasSir G Home BtLord HertfordSir A MilneBishop argyllY
847HorsleyArthur J65 -9A ColY
848HoskinsDouglas HNov 187?SE Com Merchant JPAHunt1Lord SalisburyAd Lord Hood gt uncleY
849HoskynsPeyton65 -9Clergy
850HosteT TOctober 1875WA ColAHunt4Col GardinerLord EmlynC CarmarthenMPMr J BorroughesCousinCapt Sir W HosteGreat UncleY
851HosteTHFeb 1876WA Col2Mr E GreeneC Bury St EdmundsMPMr RowsellN?
852HothamAlgernon JOctober 1876WClergyAHuntAd Hawke2Ad Sir W EdmonstoneRev HothamFatherGrandson ,V Ad Hon Sir A Hotham,died at Malta 1833Y
853HounsellDAW65 -9Med DoctorY
854HowardA B MMay 1877A Insp HospitalsRHunt5Capt P TurnerMPMr Shaw StewartMr V LushingtonCapt M MolyneuxCapt Milne HorneC Berwicksh.MPCapt TurnerMP has not troubled his party much and is greatly interested'Y
855HowardJB60 -63Somerset
856HowardA60 -67Somerset
857HoweAubrey WAug 1875IreCom Bank GentLord Gilford1Lord AnnesleyGrandfatherY
858HoweHon AGC60 -63Somerset
859HowellChas AlexJuly 1876EInd JPAHuntSir M Lopes2Mrs HowellMotherCapt BullerY
860HowellGerard JMay 1876ENo professionAHunt2Mr J WatlingtonRear Ad R HallBoy in care of R A HallY
861HowellE A RMay 1882ECiv Ser IndAHunt1Sir T HowellGrandfatherFather's services
862HubbardGodfreyJuly 1873SEClergyAGoschen3Rev HubbardFatherRev HubbardFatherCapt ParishY
863HubbardHugh L65 -9ClergyY
864HuddlestonRalphSept 187?WalesCiv Ser IndAHunt5Earl LonsdaleSir A ArmstrongDuke BuckinghamMr W LowtherC WestmorlandMPRev Stracey8 sons and no assistance beyond a fair startY
865HughesAlfred CMarch1882FranceARHunt1Lord J Manners
866HughesRobt LCorry1Visc.NewportC ShropshireMPY
867HughesHerbert M V69 -75ClergyY
868HulbertHenry L B65 -9ClergyY
869HultonE GNPakington2W Hulton EsqCol J Wilson PattenMPY
870HumphreysWmNov 18691Col Hon H AnnersleyUncle killed Ind MutinyN?
871HuntEdwin GuyApril 1872WCom IronmasterAGoschen1Mr CrawfordL City LondonMPY
872Hunt T homas RowlandDecember 1873WWellingtonNo professionAGoschen2Mr HuntFatherCapt TryonY
873HuntWm GMay 1873WC EastmansA MilitiaAGoschenCapt Rowley3Mr HodgsonMPMr GribbleMPMr WalkerSwopY
874HuntS WDecember 1876SEClergyAHunt1Rt Hon J MowbrayC Oxford UniMP13 children
875HuntAllen TAug 1879NEFirst LordDHuntSmith1Mrs Ward HuntWidow F LY
876HunterArthur JohnMay 1876MidC EastmansCom BankerAHunt3Mr F WalpoleC Kings LynnMPMr R PearseLord F J HamiltonC ManchesterMPY
877HunterClaude65 -9Ind LandedY
878HurleyMauriceRNov 1871NEInd JPRHunt1Lord G HamiltonC M'sexA rels
879HurleyL B S65 -9A CaptY
880HutchinsHon P M H65 -9MY
881HutchinsonaRTHURNPakington2J farrerMr CharlesworthC WakefieldMPY
882HuttonG BowesNovember 1880SEA Surgeon MajorRHunt5Marquis ConynghamLord LondesMr RidleyMPSir G Eliot BtC DurhamMPLord CastlereaghC MontgomeryMPLH
883InflefieldF SApr 1868ScotA Lt ColACorry1FatherA relsY
884InglefieldE FApril 1873Goschen1Ad InglefieldY
885InglefieldFred SApr 1873A ColY
886InglisA LFebruary1874ScotMadras C St AndrewsLeg SolicitorAGoschen1Lord LorneFather,Proc urator Fiscal GlasgowY
887IngramC WWJune1870ClergyCorry2Herbert DomvileJ R YorkeC GloucestershMPNaval Rels
888Innes-MitchellN MJune 1881IndependentAHunt5Lord ElphinstoneHon Sir H KeppelMr ArkwrightC DerbyshireMPLord ElchoC GloucesterMPMr A ArkwrightC Derbysh.MP
889IrelandM De CourcySept 1880ClergymanAHunt2Mr YorkeMPSir M BechArmy rels
890JacksonL F CJune 1868SEInd landedACorry6Sir J PakingtonRt Hon sir S WalpoleC CambridgeMPLt ColMr G VansittartC BerksMPMr M CorryAd g SeymourY
891JacksonThomasJuly 1881SWN CdrAHunt1Rev Canon InceY
892JacksonThomas SJuly 1881Ind landedSmith
894JamesArthur HJanuary 1882SEA LtDHunt1Mrs JamesMother
895JamesArthur ParkinsonSept 187?EClergyAHunt2Lady J MannersLord EssexHunt informed Lady Manners privately that he would nominateY
896JamesWmDec 1875SELeg barristerHubnt1FatherF appt in Office of LunacyY
897JamesEllis GOct 1867JerseyARCorryMr Deane1Maj ClarkeRelsY
898JardineWilliamApril 1881MidN Post CaptainDHunt7Mr RatcliffeCol E NevilleSir A MundayAd FleetRt Hon TaylorMPAd Sir W MendsFather flag capt to Sir A Milne
899JarvisE AAugust 1876ECom BankerHunt3Lord C HamiltonRev Onslow RNHRH PrinceWalesY
900JarvisEd aSept 1876ECom Banker3Lord C J HamiltonC Kings LynnMPRev W D OnslowHRHPrince Wales
901JeffersonThomas F P65 -9ClergyY
902JeffreyE Fred1861 OctSomerset1A Lt Col Jeffreys
903JenkinsRobertSeptember 1873WShrewsburyN CaptAGoschen1Capt JenkinsF own servicesY
904JenkinsJ G65 -9ClergyY
905JenkinsonR A bSeptember 1873SEInd landedAGoschen1Sir G Jenkinson BtFatherY
906JenkinsonH Law AclandApr 1877SEBarrister JPRHunt2Mr JenkinsonFatherSir Stafford NorthcoreY
907JenningsChas P65 -9ClergyY
908Jervis EdwardsC BAug 1879EHuntLord Gilford2Ad hallAdGrandfatherY
909JervoiseE P EApril 1873SEInd JPGoschen2Mr JervoiseFatherRt Hon J Sclater BoothC HampshireMPf 'always proposes Mr B for county'B very much interestedY
910JessopJohn edmundJanuary 1873MidGoschen1Capt Hon EgertonN
911JohnT MPak2Mr DeedesC KentMPN RA VincentY
912JohnsonWm C B65 -9A CaptY
913JohnsonH MDecember1880ScotEast I Civ ServHunt1N Capt JohnstoneMP
914JohnstonJamesJan 1870SEA Lt Col MauritiusCorry1Lt Col JohnstonFather
915JohnstoneG F HSept 1874SEARCorry1Lady G MontgomeryAuntF at LucknowY
916JohnstoneGeorge HerbertJune 1882ScotCom MerchantAHunt1Col R Aitken VCUncleA rels
917JohnstoneH McNeilOct 1882NWClergyHunt1R Ad PopplewellUncle
918JohnstoneWm J65 -9N CdrY
919JohnstoneJames69-75A Col
920JonesH M TJuly 1869H M S CanopusN PaymasterCorryMr Childers? TudorFatherY
921Jonesrichard FryerJune 1868WLeg SolicitorACorry1Mr C MonkL GloucesterMP6 sons 2 daughters
922JonesP T H LDecember1880N Post CaptainRHunt4Capt JonesFatherMr Orr EwingC AyrMPAd EdmonstoneC Stirlingsh.MPMrs Cross
923JONESFrank MNovember 1880SEBarristerAHunt3Mr LethbridgeMr JonesFatherMr EganY
924JonesHarryJune 1878EA Lt ColAHunt1Lt Col Jones,VCFatherHeroic actionY
925JonesRalph W65 -9A ColY
926JonesLF60 -67Somerset
927JonstonF L EDecember 1876SWN CaptHunt1Capt JohnstonRev L PotterNom 'at request of Duke of Edinburgh'LH
928JowittEdwardJanuary 1882WIndependentHunt1Mr A W HallC OxfordMP Uncle
929JoynsonH :MeadeAugust 1880MidInd GentAHunt1Mr TorrC L'poolMPNo
930KavanaghM60 -67Somerset
931KayeChas WalterApril 1872SENo professionAGoschen1Mr H DrummondC SurreyMPY
932KayllH EJuly 1869NCom Glass ManufacturerCorry1Mr KayllN?
933KeneR J RAugust 1872EClergyAGoschenSir R Munday2Rev KeaneFatherLord CamperdownY
934KennedyFrancis WJune 1876IreCiv Ser TreasurerAHunt3Hon R BourkeC GloucestershrMPMr I HamiltonMPCol TaylorY
935KeownR60 -62Somerset
936KeppelColin RJune 1876N AD1Sir H KeppelFatherY
937KerChas J.InnesJuly 1880ScotA Lt ColDSmithSmith1DuchessRoxboroughGrandmother 'promised' - double underlining!Y
938KerD St J PenroseFebruary 1877SEC Eastmans (Eton)Civ Ser DiplomatAHunt2Sir H KeppelSir L McClintockY
939KerrF G WMarch1882WightA ColAHunt!Col KerrFatherArmy rels
940KerrJohn H65 -9Ind Landed LordY
941KiddleC D WNovember1872MidChrist's HospitalA Staff CdrGoschen1Staff Cdr KiddleFather
942KildareMaurice Fitzgerald65 -9Ind LandedY
943KillettHenry E69 -75A MajorY
944KincaidW h F sJanuary 1873IreLand AgentAGoschen1Rt Hon W TempleL HampshireMP
945KingArmine FMay 1870ECorry
946KingCecil1860 DecSomerset1Lord Marcus Hill
947KingWalter65 -9ClergyY
948KingW WPakington3Sir J BoothEd CooperMr Cortzy
949King HallHerbert GoodenoughSept 1875SWN RAAd Ryder1N RA Wm K HallFatherY
950KingscoteAFeb? 1860Somerset
951KingscoteWA60 -67Somerset
952KinnoulThos Geo H65 -9Ind LandedY
953KirbyF George65 -9ClergyACorry1Lord NevilleMother neice Lord George Grey,Lord NorthbrookY
954KirkpatrickAlex TJune 1876IreIndependent JPAHunt3Mr KirkpatrickFatherHon R BourkeC Kings LynnMPMr T ConnollyMPMr Hunt cannot promise
955KirkpatrickA TJune 1876IreInd JP2Mr T ConnollyC SurreyMPHon R BourkeC King's LynnMPMr H cannot give a positive promiseN/
956KirkpatrickGeorge DMarch1882EInd JPAHunt1Col W DeedsC E KentMPA.rels
957KirwanArthur M B65 -9ClergyY
958KnaptonA L KJuly 1868SeClergyACorryLord H lennox1Lord G LennoxY
959KnevittHerbertFeb 1881EN CaptRHunt2Capt JKnevittFatherEarl Mount EdgecumbeA.relsLH
960KnightMaurice ChasAugust 1872EN Capt VolunteersAGoschenCapt Hall1Col ClarkeFather,Chairman Board of GuardiansY
961KnightThos A L65 -9ClergyY
962KnowlingG F SApr 1868SWClergyACorrySir S Dacres2FatherR Ad J SymondsSymonds has not had cadetship since Conqueror 1856Y
963KnoxArthur RAugust 1876IReA Maj GenAHunt2Sir J BatesonMaj Gen KnoxFathers long serviceA
964KyrleW E MoneyAd Martin1Col G RushoutMPY
965LacyERnest EdOct 1878SEN CaptRHuntSmith1Capt LacyGt Uncles Sir D Cameron and late Lord De SamaurezY
966LaFargueF C RJanuary 1873EN CdrRGoschen
967LafoneA SApr 1877SECom MerchantAHunt3Lt Col M BeresfordLord SandonThe Lord MayorFather member of London School Board.Hunt'promises now'Y
968LakeHenry SeymourOct 1869IreARCapt Marten1Rt Hon F P DeaneC Worcestersh.MPF Now Crdr Police,DublinY
969LakeHenry S69 -75A ColY
970LambertRandal MDecember1881MidCom Co ManagerAHunt2N Capt GoughMr LambertFatherFather raised RNR force in L'poolLH
971LambertF GJuly 1881NARHunt3Rt Hon TaylorMPMrSpencerStanhopeC YorksMPRt Hon JLowtherC LincolnMPF wounded
972LambertCecil FoleyNov 1871SWCiv SerDHunt4Lord HamptonMr DrummondLord BeauchampMrs LambertMotherY
973LambertR A A65 -9MY
974LanceCyril WNov 1871SWClergyAHuntMr Egerton6V Ad E OmmanneyMr WilderRev Canon BirchSir C EdenMr FitzhughesMr T GrantFather served in Indian ArmyY
975LanderJA Ed60 -67Somerset
976Lane FOxD HJune 1878SEA ColAHuntSmith2Capt H StephensonLord PenrhynY
977LangEdw LN CaptY
978LascellesHon FC60 -62Somerset
979LawE G FClergyAMr J Glyn2Rev R V LawY
980LawriePesrcy SNovember 1876SEA AgentAHunt1Mr Robt H MurrayUncle in Crimean
981LaxtonH J DJuly 1869EClergymanACorry!Mr HaleN
982LayeF G SJan 1868SECorryY
983LayeThos G S65 -9A Coly
984Le RougemontA GJune 1881SEUnderwriterAHunt3Lt Glennie RNMrs G HillMr C KempeA rels
985LearmouthFred ChasJune 1879SEMPAHuntSmith1Col J Learmouth C EdinburghMP FatherC EdinburghY
986LeeWm HarveyMarch 1870SEMed PhysicianCorry1Sir J Burgoyne
987LeekeHenry SomersetApril 1872WalesInd Landed proprietorAGoschen2Hon G GlynL ShaftesburyMPS HollandL MerionethshrMPY
988LeeperAlex69 -75ClergyY
989LeghE N CJan 1868SECorry1Mr G Cornwall LeghC CheshireMPY
990LeighH AlexJerseyA Surgeon1Lord HawardenN?
991LeslieAlan B69 -75Med DoctorY
992LethbridgeW A CApr 1879SeNo Profession(wine merchant)AHuntSmith2Sir R C MusgraveBtSir J AstleyY
993LevesonArthur CavanaghJuly 1881ScotPrivateCom MerchantAHunt1V A Sir EdmonstoneC StirlingshMPLH
994LewesP V NAugust 1878WalesA Lt ColRHuntSmith3Mr LloydMPMr J JonesMPMr AngierA serviceY
995LewisFrancis JDecember1880SEA LtDHunt2Mr CallenderC ManchesterMPMr T LewisC BeaumarisMP
996LeycesterCH60 -62Somerset
997LimpusArthur HenryDecember 1876SEClergyAHuntMr Egerton2V AD Lord F KerrRev E BolstonInformed very little hopeLH
998LindsayA W CrawfordNCiv SerAHunt3F GoulburnJ a YorkeCapt G m Balfour
999LinghamArthurApr 1879SeClergyALord H lennox1RevFatherY
1000LipscombeBasilDecember1881WLand AgentAHunt1Sir S Northcote BtC DevonMP
1001Lister E60 -67Somerset
1002LitleJames WestonJune 1869SEClergy -ChaplainACorryChilders5Rev.LitleFatherLord H LennoxS ChichesterMPMr C RichardEsquireLord AbergavennyCapt.Mends25 yrs.Navy - Widower with 5 boysY
1003LittleAndrew GMar 1877SEClergyHunt2Mr S G SmithC AylesburyMPMiss Hunt
1004LittlehalesFredkMarch 1881SEBankerAHunt1Mr LittlehalesFather
1005LittonThomas Ed FredAugust 1872IreGoschen1Mr LittonFather
1006LloydEdward WJuly 1869WA MajorACorry1Mr GWHuntC NorthamptonMP Sec Tr. UncleY
1007LloydPennant AApril 1876WalesARHuntMr Egerton2Lady EdenLord PenrhynY
1008LoadyJohn ClarkeSept 1880N RAAHunt1Rear Ad LoadyFather's services against pirates . ?40 scaleY
1009LockeF E JJune 1873SWInd Country GentAGoschen3Sir T Acland BtL DevonMPLady NorthcoteH A BosanquetJ A Locke.F is a liberalY
1010LockeWilfred HenryNovember 1880EInd LandedAHunt1Mr PembertonMPArmy rels
1011LodderWm PhilipJanuary 1877EC New CrossN CaptAHuntNew Cross3Capt LodderFatherCapt P TurnerMr C DalrympleC ButeMPY
1012LoginS N MIndY
1014LongdenChasRobtOctober 1875EN CaptDHunt4Rear Ad RichardsRH SirJFergusonBtCol HutchinsonGrandfatherCol TaylorC SelkirkshMPY
1015LongleyChas HNov 1875SEHunt1H LongleyCousinGt nephew A'Bishop CanterburyY
1016LoryJ LDecember I871SWFarmer,GentAGoschen1Mr LoryY
1017LovebandArthurNov 1878ClergyAHunt2Rt Hon Sir S NorthcoteSir M Lopes
1018LovettW E TSWClergyAHuntSmithSir H YelvertonY
1019LowdellEdward LSept 1871SEDoctorAGoschen1Lord ChichesterY
1020LowryJamesFeb 1870EN Med OfficerCorry2Capt W H StewartDr LowryFather
1021LowryArthur ColeMar 1878NA ColAHuntAd Hornby1Hon H CorryMPA relsY
1022LuardJ ScottDecember1878NARHuntCaptR Wells2WellsfatherMr LushingtonFriend fatherA relsY
1023LuardA FrankMarch 1877EClergyAHuntCapt Beamish1V Ad LuardUncleY
1024LubbockNormanDecember 1873EMr Lee BrightonInd landedAGoschen1Sir J Lubbock BtFather
1025Lucas Armytage AMay 1873SEC EastmansCiv serAGoschen
1026LucasArmstrong AMay 1873EClergyAGoschen1Capt LambertY
1027Lumsden WalterOctober 1878ScotInd LandedAHuntSmith5Capt CatorMrs Bruceof Duffryn Nr CardiffSir J ElphinstoneC PortsmouthMPLord ElchoC GloucestershirMPCapt H StephensonA relsY
1028LushingtonR H LJan 1879WCiv Ser IndRHuntSmith1Mr V LushingtonQCY
1029LutherM F65 -9Med DoctorY
1030LyleCharles AAugust 1880IreClergymanASmith2Mr MulhollandMP UncleN
1031LyonAlexanderJune 1869WMerchantRCorryChilders3Mr LyonLord R.GrosvenorEarl ShrewsburyCorry will nominate if he canY
1032LyonsAlgernonOctober 1875Hunt1Capt LyonsUncleBoy great nephew Lord LyonsY
1033LysaghtARJan 1878WEng Civ Iron ManufAHunt3Hon F MorganC Monmouthsh.MPMr J GardnerCheltenhamMPMrW WaitC GloucesterMPY
1034LysonsF BridgeDec 1874A Maj GenACorryA Maj Gen LysonsFatherY
1035MacalisterN GFebruary1874ScotNo ProfessionAGoschenCapt Perkins5Hon H JohnstoneRt Hon W AdamMr E CrawfordC GranthamMPSir J GreeveMPF severely wounded,imprisoned Tipu SahibY
1036MacartneyT S EJuly 1868IreCorry1J Ellison MacartneyfatherY
1037MacCarthyWm SerleDec 1869SELeg Magistrate IrelandCorry1Lady Augustus HarveyLady A 'one of the most accomplished specimens of juvenile society she has ever met@
1038MacdonaldC B F CNov 1869ScotA6Sir W S MaxwellC PerthshireMPMacdonaldFatherA Capt F CaulfieldRt Hon E S GordonC A'deen & Glasgow UniversitieMPLord LurganA Capt J Miller'F received a commission in army without purchase on account of grandfather's services but refused i
1039MacDonaldChas B69 -75A ColY
1040MacDonnellRGF Lygon3G A hamiltonRt Hon J WhitesideMP Grandfathery
1041MacgillicuddyDC60 -67Somerset
1042MacHutchinL JMar 1879MidClergyAHuntSmith8Sir H Holland BtC MidhurstMPMr R HeatleMPSir C AdderleyC StaffsMPSir Smith ChildMPMr R HanburyC PrestonMPSir M LopesA relsY
1043MacinnesHenryDecember 1876NInd JPAHunt2Rt Hon A CrossC LancsMPMr T SaltLady Victoria Bunton motherY
1044MackenziC CampbellFebruary 1872MidA CaptDGoschen1Lord BolperY
1045MackenzieChas DJan 1879SWNo ProfessionAHuntSmith5The PrimusMr T O WetheredC Gt MarlowMPArchbishop YorkRt Hon S H WalpoleJ S CocksBoy lives in Close Exeter care of Canon CookY
1047MackenzieHenry WJan 1879A MajY
1048MacleanH LJuly 1868NDep Insp Gen whitley HospACorry1Maj C Cumming BruceC Elginsh.MP
1049MacnabGordon RobtDec 1882EDoctorHunt1Lord F HerveyC Bury St EdmondsMP
1050MacnamaraA LeslineJune 1879SERailway CommisionerDHuntSmith5Lord BeaconsfieldLord CairusW MorganR Ad ReynoldsMr A S HellMPY
1051MacphersonJohn DNovember1872SEA Lt ColDGoschen1Mrs MacphersonWidow and nine children .F died in Army service
1052MaitlandR F1Mr H J BaillieMP<